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FREE Microchipping at Your Local Dogs Trust!!
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Posted 18th Mar 2019Posted 18th Mar 2019
FREE Microchipping at Your Local Dogs Trust!!FREE£0.01
FREE Microchipping at your local Dogs Trust!! In April 2016, it became compulsory for every dog to have an up-to-date microchip. A microchip is a small electronic chip, around t… Read more

I posted my comment as a warning the dogs trust registered the dog initially but after nearly 10 years we discovered he hadn't been registered or to put it another way he wasn't registered at this point in time. I know nowadays you get your dog chipped by someone and then you register him or in some cases the vet registers him. Some companies went bust over the years and were supposed to pass your details on so as I have said it would be wise to check your dog is registered yourself. I know all about the different companies but as I have said my dog wasn't registered with any.


Nope unfortunately not. Even my vet wouldn't put one in me. For that you have two options; The first is to find a tattoo studio that does piercings, see if they do subdermal implants. It's quite common now for them to added between the finger and thumb, or some even add small magnets to their finger tip(s). Alternatively, you can buy the dog id chipping kits off ebay for a few quid and do your wife yourself lol. You'll have to register yourself as the person who chipped her and become the first owner at the same time.


There are several different places that track chipping and you're free to decide who you want to register your dog's chip id number with (all of them if you really wanted). Some provide additional services if someone calls/checks their database with your found pet, such as automatic return to your local vet for example. 01904 487600 0800 9751960 01296 336579 0800 652 8 977 01208 420999 0330 123 9924 0844 414 2262 01279 219777


Will they do the wife for free?


Just a word of warning my kids had our jack russell chipped nearly 10 years ago by the dogs trust they had to make a donation of £15 at the time, and ive only just found out he wasn't registered so if we had lost him we wouldnt have gotten him back. So every so often you should check online that he has been registered

Free microchipping through Dogs Trust
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Posted 16th Feb 2019Posted 16th Feb 2019LocalLocal
Free microchipping through Dogs TrustFREE£0.01
Check their FB page for news on events Losing your dog is one of the most upsetting and stressful experiences for any dog owner. Ev… Read more
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It is mandatory now but I've not heard of anyone being prosecuted as yet because of it.


It is ;)



You are right, it should be. I think there is a law being passed about it and that's why they are doing the free microchipping.

Microchipping for Dogs FREE at Dogs Trust
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Posted 3rd Jul 2018Posted 3rd Jul 2018
Microchipping for Dogs FREE at Dogs Trust
Our teams visit areas within London, Wales, Northern England and Northern Ireland to offer FREE microchipping as a part of our Community Events programme. The teams can also advise… Read more

Is it dogs only? Could do with getting my bitch chipped for when she out on the lash :D


Please do not feed your dogs micro chips... they need a proper diet of dog food in moderation. Human food is very dangerous for them....


you could apply that to any law in this country, they cant stop you doing anything, but if caught you will suffer the repercussions of breaking that law aka fine or prison but then again you will probably say they cant make you do time or pay the fine and will be shouting that as they drag your ass to the cells


You are stating the repercussions of not having it done, just like you'll be fined should they find out you don't have a tv licence, that still doesn't mean you have to do either.


no mate you do have to have it done its now the law or youll be fined and hopefully your dog is taken off you

Free Easter family dog training classes with DogTrust this Easter
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Posted 13th Mar 2018Posted 13th Mar 2018
Free Easter family dog training classes with DogTrust this Easter
Spotted this and thought it was a rather fab freebie for anyone with dogs in and around Manchester. There are lots of other areas of the UK where this is taking place at different … Read more

Siiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt! :) Cheers Andy (y)


The one near me is just a fun day


I wanted to take the dog to obedience class, but it wouldn't go rip Ken Dodd :(


No didn’t (embarrassed) but will, thanks


Did you follow the link in the OP? There's other events throughout the UK - might be one nearer.

Free dog Micro-chipping @ the Dogs trust.
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Posted 12th Jun 2016Posted 12th Jun 2016
Free dog Micro-chipping @ the Dogs trust.
The law's now changed (as of Apr 2016)... All dogs in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland must be micro-chipped. . This will normally set you back around £20 at your loca… Read more
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Dog's Trust also offer a free service where they will come to your home and microchip your dog or litter of puppies for free. This isn't advertised but if you phone they give you the implanters phone number to make an appointment. I'm not sure if this is nationwide, but definitely covers all of Yorkshire. I breed dogs and they've come out to me 4 times this year.



Why would you want to do that? It means someone brings them back!!


Do you think they'd chip the kids for me? :)


Regardless of whether you think some of the management are paid too much, they are a registered charity and will have a certain level of scrutiny over the way they are run. However as a charity it amazes me how many dog owners just milk them for free chipping and free neutering and other things they have done. If you want to own a dog, then you have to pay for the costs of owning that dog and shouldn't be taking money from a charity to do so. I have no idea why DT don't means test it, or link it to benefits, but perhaps the administration for that is a nightmare, but anyway, people should just take a moment and think about it before they jump in and take the freebie.

Low Cost Neutering with the Dogs Trust £35 (conditions apply)
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Posted 5th Mar 2016Posted 5th Mar 2016
I guess this is not really a deal but not really sure where to put this (please move to wherever it should be :-) ). It is quite specific but hopefully it's information that may he… Read more
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what vets can i use for this offer please as i am on esa


Folks we have a bite


Page3092 I am no scrounger, I have empathy for people,but then you would have to look that up, it's called a dictionary, try looking. you are so ignorant. The very fact that someone on a low budget is willing to pay to have their pet neutered shows they are responsible loving people. Otherwise they would just abandon the animal. Money doesn't make a good owner or parent for that matter. I have been fortunate enough to always have a good job but I see many people who purchase the latest animal as if it's a fashion accessory only to discard it when bored with it despite the fact that it has been expensive as money is no object to them. As for their children money is also lavished on them but not their time.




Hi Jim, we have several vets in the family, for instance "big" animal (horses, cows etc) who obviously treat dogs etc too.. doubtless the opinion formed is from experience on both sides of the fence, due to our own folk being busy attending calls we don't burden them with care, but we do report back on costs & the like. The latest "incident" from a big practise was to ignore a longstanding prescription & give a different spec of tablet, (supposedly checked off by two competent people) ..which has potentially lessened the animal in questions life, ..frankly the response from the practise's head vet was risible. We don't mind the blood, frankly tails spraying blood from knocks on everything are far worse (boxers since the docking ban), ..longlasting trauma in several of our dogs, like having a junkie shooting up for months on end, on every surface. Plus, we tiled & put down wood floors, bleachy mops are par for the course where paws are concerned. very little actual carpet. ;)

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Free Dog Chipping!! laws changing from April 2016
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Posted 9th Feb 2016Posted 9th Feb 2016
Free Dog Chipping!! laws changing from April 2016
The law's changing - from April 2016, all dogs in England, Wales and Scotland must be microchipped. It's already compulsory in Northern Ireland. While this normally costs £15-£20 a… Read more

This can still be done for FREE. Do a Google search or just ask on the book of face. As far as I am aware the only exception is a "professional breeder". They have to pay. I don't know why they are the exception unfortunately.


Spot on.


Not been funny pal but I find that hard to believe!! Especially if the dogs registered in your name?


I chipped my last dog, it was stolen and someone changed the owner details without my concent and wont tell me where she is! total ****!


are you really being that dense ? I do carry bags with me to clean up. l like the vast majority of dog owners I carry at least 6 bags with me every time we go out. .my comment was that people seem to think you can make them disappear by magic. I clean up and then (if there is no dog bin within10 minutes walk) put the bag in any bin I see. some people get annoyed that I have put it into their bin tho. my point was quite simple. if I am out for a two hour walk I'm not going to carry it home with me or carry it around like some smelly talisman for around an hour. do you understand now ?

Free microchipping of your Dog
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Posted 31st Dec 2015Posted 31st Dec 2015
Free microchipping of your Dog
From the 6th April 2016 it becomes compulsory to micro chip your dog within the UK. Free chipping available at many places, but I trust dogs trust.… Read more

Is this eligible for humans too?


Wood Chipping your dog FTW oO I'm only joking... or am I?


Thanks for the info OP


So if you dressed your child/baby up in a dog costume and got them chipped, you get to see where they are 24/7 for the rest of there life ?


Sure, If you want them returned that is. Most complain they can't get them to leave, being returned would be a nightmare.

Free Microchip at Dogs Trust
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Posted 3rd Jun 2015Posted 3rd Jun 2015
Free Microchip at Dogs Trust
Compulsory micro chipping comes in force soon but you can get one free at dogs trust rather than pay £25 (at our local vets this was the price)
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She's very level headed got one on both but I doubt that come in handy when she strays !!!(_;)


What a poor argument!


My Staffie is now 14 but many years ago we were advised against having her chipped. Apparently cruel dog thieves were digging the chip out of the back of the neck to stop stolen dogs being identified. I decided to exercise the same level of care over my dog as my child....or are they going to have to be microchipped too now?


Seriously? So you have read that a chip can cause cancer but you haven't read about dog theft/baiting/fighting? A collar can be removed in a split second. Read a newspaper maybe. Chips help return lost pets every single day. They aren't a replacement to a collar. It's an additional safeguard.


Not if she already has one on her shoulder. ;)

Microchip your dog for FREE :) dogs trust
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Posted 17th Mar 2015Posted 17th Mar 2015
Microchip your dog for FREE :) dogs trust
Free microchipping is available. List of locations and times on the link.
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i live in the WIGAN area ... Where could I get my dog chipped pls ?


and here's me thinking that the charity is for the dogs in need!


This is great thanks!


Sometimes the cats protection league and the PDSA run offers for free or reduced chipping.


It's compulsory to have your dog chipped by April 2016. Rspca do monthly free chips for cats and dogs near me, might be worth checking. Majority of rspca districts are on Facebook now, could drop them a message?

Dogs Trust Store Sale -  Aga Biscuit Tin £5.20 (plus £4.95 delivery per order so buy more!)  Lots of items!
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Posted 16th Mar 2015Posted 16th Mar 2015
Dogs Trust Store Sale - Aga Biscuit Tin £5.20 (plus £4.95 delivery per order so buy more!) Lots of items!£10.15
Support the Dogs Trust and pick up a few sale items Delivery is £4.95 per order, so buy a few of the sale items and make it worth… Read more

majority of charities are the same if not worse! and they can donate a tiny amount (10%??) to charity and the rest is in their pockets. believe it or not that's legal!


Have you seen what the CEO of the Dogs Trust is on? £140, 000 - £150, 000 plus benefits!!! Not only that, 2 spongers on £110 - 120K, 1 sponger on £100k -£110k, more on £90k- £100k, £80k - £90k, THREE ON £70K - £80k, three more greeders on £60k -£70K. I'm sorry I wouldn't give these greeders a penny, why do we have the RSPCA anyway, this is just a job for sponging luvvies,-107,394

Breakfast for Two £3.60

Aga Biscuit Tin £5.20

Free Dog Neutering for Bull Breeds at Dogs Trust in March! *Please get your dog neutered*
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Posted 22nd Feb 2015Posted 22nd Feb 2015
Free Dog Neutering for Bull Breeds at Dogs Trust in March! *Please get your dog neutered*
With so many unwanted pooches out there, especially bull breeds (I know as we've just rescued a 12 week old staffy from a dreadful home) There is no reason not to get your bundle o… Read more

& exactly like car ownership - those who are irresponsible won't bother with insurance any way. But good one on advocating a tax on the rest of us. We definitely need another one of them ;)


I agree. Well said.


Simple answer. All dogs should have insurance. Exactly like a car and see how many dogs would be owned by chavs and Ned's then. Same rules apply as cars. Your dog must be chipped and registered so if stopped by police they could tell if you had insurance and if not then the dog would be removed. The chip would be logged to the owner and if there was any abuse from the owner in the past then petlog would keep this updated so any future purchases or dealing with the police would show this. Drastic measures need to be taken with dogs now as too many lazy workshy losers have them with no insurance.


We have the same problem here, a Westie ran out of its house to have a go at my younger black lab, who's now afraid of all little white dogs, and the last dog that went for my girls was a jack russell - an old man owns it, he lets it off the lead in a lead-on park, I was walking my two black labs past him and it dived for my younger dog and bit her face. I guess I should have reported him earlier for letting it off, but I figure he's old and without an off-lead run, his dog wouldn't get much exercise. That'll teach me to think I was being kind.


Love the way people compare digs to any other animals, sick of hearing of kids getting mauled to death by cats.....the thing is they are animals with and can and have turned for no reason or simply been playing and not realized there consequences....they have deadly weapons but at the end of the day are animals so should never be trusted with children.... Check out the whole website but the article on the owner not the dog myth makes a nonsense of most peoples argument....

FREE Microchipping from Dogs Trust
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Posted 7th Jul 2014Posted 7th Jul 2014
FREE Microchipping from Dogs Trust
You can now have your dog microchipped free of charge at a Dogs Trust rehoming centre, or at an event near you…and now even at your local vet*! Microchipping helps identify your d… Read more
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Go get boy. Good boy.


Great just had the missus done :p


A bandana for a dog? Isn't it humiliating enough just being a dog?


Very true!


Got this done by Dogs Trust at a carnival for my puppy, it was very quick and professional and he got a free bandana to wear which looked surprisingly good

Free microchipping for dogs in todays Metro with Dogs Trust
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Posted 4th Jun 2014Posted 4th Jun 2014
Free microchipping for dogs in todays Metro with Dogs Trust
Seen in today's Metro, pg 49. Got to be done for free a great offer I reckon. Also on for participating vets. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

free at pets for vets at pets at home .


I wasn't aware of it when I saw it & posted it. Always good to remind those who already know ;)


well worth listing. thanks for doing so.


For your babies from march 2014 is free too! They wont even tell you...


Wanted to get our boy microchipped on this scheme, then make a donation to the dogs trust, but the only local vet offering the service here is not someone I would take an animal to see ever again. Going to any dogs trust centre you can also have your dog chipped for free by appointment, not being a driver though, it was impossible for me to get to the local centre. We had him done at our usual vet for ten pounds last week instead at the same time he had his booster vaccs. The dogs trust scheme for subsidised neutering is another excellent program they run. We couldn't afford the full price of his snip, but under the dt scheme the cost was only £30. Absolutely brilliant

free dog chipping, vaccinations, neutering and flea/worming (donations accepted)
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Posted 5th Feb 2014Posted 5th Feb 2014
free dog chipping, vaccinations, neutering and flea/worming (donations accepted)
hampstead heath near parliament hill cafe nearest entrance off highgate road saturday 8th feb saturday 8th march saturday 5th april 11.00 hours - 15.00 hours for more info plea… Read more

pdsa also offer some free vet services -

memawheeze Lists all the places and dates!


i think blue cross may offer some free services to those in need.


Contact Dogs Trust, via the link and they may be able to give you details of the closest Dogs Trust, or similar service in your area.


Contact Dogs Trust, via the link and they may be able to give you details of a similar service in your area.

Free microchipping for dogs @ The Dogs Trust
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Posted 2nd Jul 2013Posted 2nd Jul 2013
Free microchipping for dogs @ The Dogs Trust
Free microchipping for dogs - book an appointment in advance at any of 18 Dogs Trust venues. Get your dog microchipped by booking an appointment (subject to availability) at one o… Read more

Shame Labour aren't still in power, we might all be getting this for free.


Good deal - bear in mind some councils will also do this for free (ie Hackney)


Voted hot. In my book if you have a dog or cat, it is your responsibility to get them chipped as soon as possible and keep the details up to date.


Lovely scheme. But I really wish they would stop cold-calling and knocking on my door. Other than that, all power to them.


Heat!, Hot Dawgs!

Dogs Trust Membership - £1,000,000 TP Liability Insurance, UNLIMITED Vetfone access and MORE for £25 a year (£12.50 for seniors)
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Posted 23rd Jun 2013Posted 23rd Jun 2013
Dogs Trust Membership - £1,000,000 TP Liability Insurance, UNLIMITED Vetfone access and MORE for £25 a year (£12.50 for seniors)£25
£25 for £1m Third Party Liability Insurance for 1 year (£200 excess applies) only £12.50 for over 60's. You also get UNLIMITED access to vetfone (costs £12.50 per phone call normal… Read more
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As far as I know I don't have ADHD? as far as I know I don't have ADHD? I will have a nice dog that I trained myself and not pay some Cesar Milan wannabe to do it :)


..and again, you're talking sh*t. where in what i said before did i state that i didn't take my dog to socialisation classes? the only way i actually found out to do that was THROUGH internet research. you gotta be pretty dumb to socialise ur dog without any other dogs out there. you really haven't got a leg to stand on, research on the internet doesn't mean ur not doing it the right way, you just have to go to legitimate sources. one way that works for you, may not work for another, so before you start judging you should think about what you say, keyboard warrior.


...and again you're just another unqualified d.i.y'er. Some aspects of dog training are best accomplished with the guidance of someone that really knows what they're doing. Early socialisation & training are best done in supervised groups. You can't teach your dog how to behave around other dogs without other dogs. Preferably lots of them of different sizes and temperament. This is especially becoming a problem because of breeders taking pups away from their dam and litter mates far too early. You can't just take your animal to the local park now and again and say "job done". If you've trained your dog single-handed using TEH INTERNET, I guarantee you that you haven't done half as good a job as your self-congratulating back slapping is making out. If it was that easy, there'd be no market for trainers and behaviourists. Maybe you just think all other owners, or prospective owners are just stupid, seems as it's all just common sense? Again, another one for the Hotukdeals ignore list.


There are other ways to train your dog instead of watching the Dog Whisperer. I've trained my dog by myself with the help of various forums, research and plain old common sense. Again, something you've said which has no substance.


I like how you called me a know-it-all twice. ADHD? Sorry, I'd rather trust professionals with *some* aspects of dog training and socialisation than some d-i-y'er who watches re-runs of the Dog Whisperer. You have a nice day now with your lovely dog.

Free Microchipping for dogs @ The Dogs Trust
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Posted 18th Feb 2013Posted 18th Feb 2013
Free Microchipping for dogs @ The Dogs Trust
Microchipping will soon be compulsory for all dog owners in England, following an announcement made by the Westminster Government that has been welcomed by Dogs Trust. Get your do… Read more



I have just started to receive benefits due to being unable to work after car crash, when i asked for help with living costs they said i couldnt have help to feed my dog only myself so that blows help from the social out


people next!!


will they place the chip in my bike instead , ,,, looool, just kidding

Good find!

Free Microchipping for dogs @ Dogs trust
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Posted 31st Oct 2012Posted 31st Oct 2012
Free Microchipping for dogs @ Dogs trust
Just came across this. Get your dog returned if it gets lost. Usually costs £30.00 at a vet. You can expect to pay £20-£30 to have your dog microchipped at the vet. Dogs Trust cur… Read more
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At least it would keep the little ***** off the streets!


mother fined for stealing food to feed her children


Toxocara canis is a roundworm found in dogs. Roundworm eggs are found in dog mess, which can easily be picked up by young children. This causes stomach upsets, sore throats, asthma and in rare cases blindness. The eggs can remain active in the soil for many years, long after the dog mess has weathered away. For GoD sack spend a couple of quids on humans, they are in much greater need than bloody dogs.oO


Will they chip the wife?


Great Thanks. Heat Added!

Free dog microchipping at the Dog Trust, nationwide
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Posted 23rd Apr 2012Posted 23rd Apr 2012
Free dog microchipping at the Dog Trust, nationwide
There are 18 Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres around the UK, whether or not you agree with their policies a free microchip for your dog is a bonus. Worth considering if your dog is not… Read more

If I had my way then all dog would have to be muzzled when out in public. ALL dogs have the potential to be dangerous. Amazes me why we still continue to tolerate pseudo wolves in our public places.


Thanks to everyone. For those interested in the dangerous dogs debate DEFRA have started a consulation and is is seeking views on a proposed package of measures aimed at tackling irresponsible ownership of dogs. : The main proposals: •Extending the criminal offence of allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control to private property (where the dog has a right to be); •Compulsory microchipping of dogs; •Removing the need to seize and kennel all dogs where court proceeding are pending; and •Increase the fee for placing a dog on the Index of Exempted Dogs The proposals, along with other work we are already carrying out, provide a mix of preventative, educational and punitive measures which are designed to tackle a variety of problems (e.g. allowing dogs to become dangerous, status dogs, allowing dogs to stray and general irresponsible ownership leading to poor welfare and anti-social behaviour). How to respond Anyone may reply to this consultation. Defra would like to hear from anyone with an interest in responsible dog ownership, including: enforcement agencies; people working with dogs; animal welfare organisations; dog keeping orgainsations; and the general public. You can complete the survey on-line at: This survey does not collect any personal data. Alternatively, you can e-mail your response to: You may also send your comments, or any requests for copies of the documents, by post to: Dangerous Dogs Team Animal Welfare Area 8B, 9 Millbank c/o 17 Smith Square London SW1P 3JR Any comments on the proposals in this consultation document should be sent by 15 June 2012.


Thanks for posting OP - I heartily approve of free microchipping and I would like to see all pets done. Welcome to HUKD, cindyboo; I am sorry to hear of this awful attack, glad that your pooch survived and well done for getting involved. I saw on the news yesterday that there were over 200k reported dog assaults on people in England last year - what that included I don't know but it's a situation that needs to be tackled.


i support the dogs trust 100%,my small poodle was savaged by a staffi in january this year,£300 vet bill dog was lucky to survive,it will haunt me forever,the dog just went straight for her throat.The staffi was about 4years old not microchipped,not claimed and it was put down,what good is micro chipping when the small group who own these dogs and give them abad name,breed them in thier living rooms get them chipped plus it wont stop any dog being dangerous.There are more and more dog on dog attacks and there is no law against this.Ive spoken to my mp and am not going to let this rest,DEFRA have done nothing to resolve this situation.


Microchipping most animals should be compulsory. The amount that are abandoned and left on the streets, get stolen or just go missing is phenomenal, so it just makes sense. If all dogs and cats were microchipped, all it would take was for a dog warden, local rescue or vet to scan the animal to find out where it's come from, and all helps in terms of prosecution for stolen animals, dog baiting and other things... Good on the Dogs Trust. All our dogs are already microchipped, but would also be tempted to do cats (and my girlfriend's rabbits, which are bigger than the average cat). Rated hot. Don't forget to give them a donation if you get animals microchipped with them.