Dogtanian In One For All And All For One DVD just £1.39 delivered @ WH Smith!
Dogtanian In One For All And All For One DVD just £1.39 delivered @ WH Smith!

Dogtanian In One For All And All For One DVD just £1.39 delivered @ WH Smith!

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Our favourite swordsmen return in an original TV movie based on Alexandre Dumas' famous saga. Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds are back!A secret plot to take the Kings' place hatched by the King's own twin brother... A diplomatic incident which brings the country to the brink of war... A mysterious prisoner whose face is hidden by a mask of gold... The kidnap of Dogtanian's small daughter in order to blackmail him... and the Crown under constant threat.More dangers for Dogtanian and his friends Athos, Aramis and Porthos. Answer the call you already know so well: "One For All And All For One!".Also included on this DVD, The Dogtanian TV Special.An age in which truth and justice prevail over falsehood and treason... A story of swords held aloft for peace and for honour... A story of unrequited love... True friendship and a motto worth fighting for: "One For All and All For One!"


dont forget 8% quidco does anyone know how long this dvd is??


if this is … if this is ithttp://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0002GZ9R6/findhotelinth-21its 170 mins

looks like its that one voted hot hot hot i thought it would just be an episode brillant price

ty, loved this when I was younger

Rep coming ur way!!


ty, loved this when I was younger

You've got to be careful with cartoons like that. Normally they turn out to suck, and this makes you hate not only the world for letting you down, but your younger self for having such terrible taste.

Fortunately, Dogtanian isn't one of those cartoons. It's every bit as awesome today as it was back then.

Ordered x 2. Heat + Rep. Good find.

I swear if you listen to the theme tune close enough you'll hear:
"huckle hounds are always shagging"

Dogtanian :-D Wicked! :thumbsup:

Picked mine up yesterday - kids were pleased - and I found that I could remember all the words to the theme song! spooky....
This DVD actualy has 2 movies on it -

The original TV Movie - 92 mins long - just as we all remember it....
One For All and All For One - 'modern' movie (1995) - with a naff jazzed up theme tune, and completely different voices - you what?! - 75 mins long
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