Doh Vinci Ultimate Design Suite was £25.00 now £20 @ Debenhams

Doh Vinci Ultimate Design Suite was £25.00 now £20 @ Debenhams

Found 20th Oct 2016
Big Doh Vinci kit now with 20% off.

Same set is £25 in Home Bargains, £30 in Asda and a shocking price on Amazon.

Lots of other Doh Vinci sets priced well including calendar at £8

£40 for free delivery

£20 for free c&c
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my daughter had a smaller set to this was awful to use ended up in the bin.
I agree with mummybaker absolute waste of money. dispenser too hard to use and product doesn't stick properly to provide cards.
was just about to buy till I read the comments, saved me some hard earned cash on those frustrating useless not like it says on the box / tv ad toys
My daughter actually loves this stuff. Agreed it is overpriced for what it is, but a lot of toys are. She is nearly 12 though, so has strong hands and is happy to sit quietly and concentrate on what she is doing. Perhaps it's an age thing?
my daughter has just turned 5 and got a set for her birthday, she loves it! it can be a bit hard at first using the gun but she's had no problem completing the pieces with some patience! would advise not to put any of the "doh" on white furniture, it can stain!
Just ordered this as was spending over £25 so used the 20% code. Will give it a go for £16.
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