Doit4real Camps Aged 10-16, Reduced to £99 per Child

Doit4real Camps Aged 10-16, Reduced to £99 per Child

Found 26th Jun 2008
Doit4real summer camps have been reduced to £99 per child, originally between £199 to £399 based upon your own financial circumstances.

Both my children have been for the last few years and have a fantastic time. There are several camps available across the UK, but it is on a first come first serve basis.


there encouraging kids to "doit4real"!? is it run by michael jackson lol

Can over-worked, underpaid, knackered blokes go as well.?

Is there a bar there?

Any for 8 year olds like this ?

I remember going to 'camp beaumont'. It was the worst experience of my life. Utterly, utterly horrible. I wouldn't dream of sending my kids there. They'd have more fun at 'camp Guantánamo Bay'

lol Foxy102 i was just looking at that!! I want something close to norwich as i dont drive and somewhere i could pick her up if i need too etc....

my kids have been on these do it f for real camps , and absolutely love it and are going again this august , they have local pick ups free of charge too

Just booked on my lad - 10yr old! Camp was for 10-13 year olds only (Some are up to 16) He's really looking forward to it and for only £99! Highly recommended by friends and everything in - food, transport, activities.:-D:-D:-D:-D

Description -
Deep in the heart of some of England's most challenging and beautiful terrain, an elite group of young people venture where most only dream.

Climbing sheer rock faces, abseiling vertical drops, nothing stands in their way. They move under the cover of night, navigating vast ares of wilderness and using their newly learnt survival skills to provide food and shelter, while ordinary people sleep soundly.

Their mission is classified, their identities kept secret. Few rise to the challenge of the Quest. Those who do are rewarded with a string of VIP events, including a trip to Alton Towers (for those at Castleton Quest). You'll make new friends with people you know you can depend on in any situation.

Activities at Camp Castleton include: Climbing, GPS quest, Caving, Night walk, BBQ party and Cavern karaoke.
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