Dolce Gusto Cappuccino Ice -  99p Store

Dolce Gusto Cappuccino Ice - 99p Store

Found 29th Dec 2013
Just saw boxes of Dolce Gusto Cappuccino Ice at the 99p store in Folkestone. Full-size boxes, makes 8 drinks. Incredible deal if you love iced coffee and have a Dolce Gusto machine. (I love them year-round!) I don't know if it is National- but definitely worth taking a look!

I added a link to the Dolce Gusto website for reference.
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thanks for posting this deal my mam loves these products she will definatley be buying some
Saw this last week. They also had peach tea. Didn't fancy that though.
Ooh shall have to look. Thanks :-)
hot for me. will check my local tomorrow, thanks for sharing!
Which 99p store?
daft question, have you tried these hot? would it taste like normal hot coffee ? thanks
I second which store?
Yeah which store is this in? A 99p store, tesco? Where haha
Hi, Would any one near the store be able to buy and post boxes to me if I transferred money via bank or paypal? Can't beat that price around here! Worth a try I guess!
Ive tried the Marrakesh Tea, Its not good & very sweet. Yes I know that's what this tea is meant to be like but I wouldn't say it tasted the same
Which store specifically ?
they have this and the peach tea in derby
The 99p store is the actual name of the shop. There is 200 stores in the UK.
You can use hot but quiet sweet when got personal love them shame my local store not got them

Which 99p store?

OP says Folkestone.....

Which store specifically ?

Sheesh..... all these people asking which store - do they not read the original post properly - like I did!!!

"99p store in Folkestone"

Also mentioned in the comments are Peach Tea in Derby.....

I read them all properly because I actually HAVE a DG machine (£14.50 Tesco glitch special!) and begrudge paying the extortionate prices for the pods so whenever I see deals for them I check out the posts and comments to see where I can get my hands on them.

It's not Rocket Salad guys.....
I didnt know there was a shop called 99p store theres loads of shops like that so calm yer tits
me neither ....theres none in scotland that i know of. i just thot it was a generic term for a cheap store like poundies or home bargains etc

I didnt know there was a shop called 99p store theres loads of shops like … I didnt know there was a shop called 99p store theres loads of shops like that so calm yer tits

calm yer tits lol ...classic X)
i love cold coffee, but these are horrid! not worth the 99p
Picked up the peach nestea from our local thanks.
Now to wait for my genio to arrive!!
none in Leess :-(
I ran out of my other pods so in desperation to get my fix i tried these hot. Not particularly pleasant. Really sweet but not in a good way.
There was loads of peach tea and ice cappuccino in the Dudley store today for 97p.
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