Dolce Gusto coffee machine £35 in Asda
Dolce gusto coffee machine reduced to £35 from £89.96 in asda.

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Boiling find, heat added.

Don't see it tbh, only reduction I see on a Dolce Gusto is the Oblo white which says £90 down to £40, which is readily available everywhere for £45 so is a bit misleading.

They are about this price all year but you will spend a fortune on the dolce gusto pods ...... Nespresso machines much more cost effective for pods as can bought in b and m ... Think they were 20 pods for £1.49 x

I will buy one when you can buy your own stainless steel pod so you can use the coffee you prefer.

I have this and a nespresso and due to cost and for me the fact that you use proper milk instead of powered the nespresso is much better in taste as well.


Good price. The same model in Morrisons Stores is £39.99

I got it for £18 from ASDA today. Check your store now!
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