Dolce Gusto coffee machine £39 @ Morrisons

Dolce Gusto coffee machine £39 @ Morrisons

Found 18th Aug 2014
Really good coffee machine. In Currys show price £99. And I found it in Morrisons Harrow this evening. I have seen 3 left on the shelf. If not for you - great as a gift. It's coming with a sample set of 6 pots and £10 voucher for your first purchase online.

Could someone tell me how to turn picture to right position? I'm really struggling...

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Have you got a model number for this?

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I was looking for it on the box and couldn't find it. But I think it's the same as this one:…tml

Great find. I have recently purchased the manual version and it is great. FYI the £10 voucher applies to either a £20 spend on their website or by buying 4 boxes of the t-pods. Chose the latter so ended up costing £4 something for about 56 drinks :-)

Just shot to my morrisons and got the last one :-)

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Does anyone have a clue how to turn the picture? I don't want the coffee to spilt... :-P

Quick tip when buying the drinks, most use 2 capsule (coffee and milk) so you only get 8 drinks from a 16 pod box. The esspresso and latte's (i think) only use 1 per drink so better value
Says how many on the boxes too.

No the lattes uses 2 pods griff
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