Dolce Gusto Melody Black - Tesco Direct - £49.97

Dolce Gusto Melody Black - Tesco Direct - £49.97

Found 19th Nov 2011
Excellent price - normally retails at £99.

Brilliant for all coffee lovers!
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A good price yes.

A good coffee machine? In my humble opinion no.

Not voting either way on this one.
i have the smaller gusto machine and its fantastic, the pods are a bit expensive but the coffee is excellent, and theres no mess!
Lot cheaper in bulk at Amazon. Love the fact they now do chai tea - cheaper than starbucks!!
Don't overlook the running costs... pods are about £4 for 16 at Supermarkets. That's 25p a cup. Say 2 cups a day. That's £182 a year.

If you like the coffees that come with milk pods, then double the above costs.
Still far better prices than Starbucks!! and i believe they taste just as good in the comfort of your own home
For people who would like the convenience of a pod machine, but don't like the pod prices, click here for a £35 Which? 'Best Buy' machine that can use pods costing only 9p each.
Good price, and maybe even a misprice, as the description says, "Was £119.97 Was £94.97 Now £74.97 Save £45.00".

I had this model until it broke down and then bought the smaller Piccolo, which doesn't dominate the kitchen worktop like this model did.

As others have said, the main cost is the pods. At two cappuccinos or lattes a day (which is the least I drink), that's 4 pods a day (the milky drinks require 2 pods each) or about £350 a year. oO
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