Dollar Rage Bundle (24 Steam keys) 95p @ Bundlestars

Dollar Rage Bundle (24 Steam keys) 95p @ Bundlestars

Found 19th Aug 2017
"Rage against the Steam machine with top quality indie titles from Meridian4! Grab 24 savage Steam keys - now including frantic arcade runner AFTERGRINDER - for only $1 in the Dollar Rage Bundle for a strictly limited time only!"
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Bundle includes:


The Silent Age



Hektor - Official Soundtrack DLC


Soulless: Ray Of Hope

Avencast: Rise of the Mage

Frontline Tactics Complete Pack


Crash Time 2

Dark Matter


Larva Mortus

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals


Orange Moon

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

Space Hack

Space Trader: Merchant Marine

Starion Tactics

Tank Universal

Vive le Roi

Wasteland Angel

Looks like a bunch of junk i'll never play sorry op cold for me
I usually avoid dollar bundles like the plague, but I finally relented and bought this one...and I rather like it! I'm not sure if I'll play many of the games to completion, but even if they provide about half an hour of entertainment each it's worth 95p.

Crash Time 2 is a lot better than I thought it would be: decent graphics, decent handling with a controller, and plenty of destructive fun.

Gunnheim is a good twinstick shooter- I think the negative reviews are mainly down to the failed online multiplayer aspect.

Chains is a fairly inventive match 3 game- not usually my cuppa but it's well done.

"Tank Universal" is a bit more eccentric and imaginative than the boring old tank shooter I thought it would be (You play a terminally ill old man in a VR world!)

AFTERGRINDER is frustratingly difficult, but it might prove addictive.

"Wasteland Angel" is better than I thought it would be: similar to Renegade Ops, but I like the addition of smashing into other vehicles to destroy them, and defending a base.

"Soulless", a platform game, has had a lot of effort put into the graphic design, but I'm finding it a bit dull.

"Orange Moon" is a competent exploration/platform shooter, but it hasn't grabbed me yet- it might do if it gets more complex as I progress.

Schein has very nice graphics and great music, and the platform puzzling is not bad. (It's the only one I already had).

Vive le Roi has nice cartoon graphics, but the gameplay is pretty bad. "Dark Matter" has awful handling for an asteroids game.Obulis is a bit of a boring puzzler, and reminds me too much of Amiga freeware. "Lava Mortus" is a pretty decent top-down shooter, but I'm annoyed because it doesn't have proper controller support- you have to shoot with the mouse.

That's all I've tried so far. It's well worth 95p, especially since Meridian is offering much the same bundle on Steam for about £79!
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