Dollhouse - Season 1 [4 DVD Box Set] [2009]  - £14.49 delivered @ CD-WOW !

Dollhouse - Season 1 [4 DVD Box Set] [2009] - £14.49 delivered @ CD-WOW !

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly creator Joss Whedon crafts this science-fiction-themed television series concerning a highly-illegal, underground organization known as the Dollhouse that caters to the wealthy, powerful, and connected by leasing out 'Actives', people whose personalities have been wiped clean so they can serve whatever purpose the client demands. Echo (Eliza Dushku) is an 'Active'. She doesn't just perform the role that she has been hired to play, but actually becomes it since she knows no other life than the one she is living in the moment. Actives can become whatever the client wants or needs - a lover, a best friend, a corporate negotiator, or even an assassin. Echo and fellow Actives such as Sierra (Dichen Lachman) receive their assignments from Adelle Dewitt (Olivia Williams), one of the leaders of the Dollhouse. Upon completion of her mission, Echo always returns to the Dollhouse to have her thoughts, feelings, experiences, and knowledge erased by genius programmer Topher Brink (Fran Krantz) while her handler Boyd Langton (Hary Lennix) supervises the process. But the powers that be have caught wind of the Dollhouse, and with every tip he receives from Russian informant Lubov (Enver Gjokaj) FBI Agent Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett) moves one step closer to the truth. But now, as Echo stops forgetting and her memories gradually begin to return, she becomes determined to solve the mystery of her secret-shrouded past. Features the complete first series of the show.


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saw the first epidsode and it looked a bit poor. don't think it'll get past the 2nd series.

edit: thnaks for larger pic of eliza dushku although i preferred her as faith

First 3 or 4 was sub par but it does pick up and get to the normal joss whedon work fox. apparently micro manages the 1st few eps.

season 2 has also been green lit.
from episode 5 or 6, this is a joss show. superb set.
heat added.

It definitely improves as it goes on and the finale is great.

For the price it's worth checking out.

This series has been immense.
Well worth watching if you are an avid Joss fan, or just like sci-fi/fantasy stuff.

there are about 4 or 5 really good episodes in the first season, another 4 or so mediocre ones, and a couple of very poor ones.

It's a fairly well worn premise, treated with traditional Joss Whedon irreverant style. It's no Firefly, but it is watchable. I can only hope that the second seqason gets off to a better start though.


season 2 has also been green lit.from episode 5 or 6, this is a joss … season 2 has also been green lit.from episode 5 or 6, this is a joss show. superb set.heat added.

Doesn't that mean it's been terminated? I'm confused now.…lit :thinking:

Indeed i thought this was going to be alot better than it was when i first heard about it years before it was released, was disappointing at first but as you carry on there are some really good episodes im sure the second season will only improve.

I agree with most others. Love Joss Whedon, the first few episodes I wasn't sure but it picked up and I was really getting into it. Looking forward to the next series...

Kultra, "Green Lit" means to give the go ahead for something. In that prison lingo you mentioned, I guess that means to give the go ahead for soemone to be killed.
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