Domestic Multimeter £4.99@Maplins

Domestic Multimeter £[email protected]

Found 21st Apr 2010
Nice cheap Multimeter for the home and DIY use.

*Ideal for the home, schools and offices
*Check bulbs, fuses and batteries
*Includes a transistor and diode tester
*Measure AC and DC voltage, resistance and DC current up to 10A
*Includes test leads
*Low battery indication
*Basic accuracy ±0.5%
*Protective holster

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the go to link doesnt work for me, the above link should work now


Not a bad meter - looks the same as mine, and that measures the same reading as the Fluke scopemeter I use (though with lower resolution). Not sure it's that much of a bargain though - they've always been £5 when I've looked at them, apart from 2 weeks after I bought mine when they were £5 BOGOF!

Can these be used to check for continuity?

EDIT: Yes it can, I've seen the manual.
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