Domestos & Cif Total Household Cleaning Pack @ Costco (Members Only price) - £17.89

Domestos & Cif Total Household Cleaning Pack @ Costco (Members Only price) - £17.89

Found 4th Mar 2013
A total solution for cleaning your Kitchen and Bathroom using the trusted brands of Domestos and Cif.


Domestos Extended Germ Kill Bleach, 4 x 750ml.
Nothing protects as long as it leave all known germs dead.

Domestos Germ Blaster Rim Block, x2.
The only rim block to kill germs as it freshens.

Domestos Total Blast Toilet Gel, 750ml.

Domestos Zero Limescale, 750ml.
3x thicker than ordinary toilet limescale removers, it grips for longer to destroy all limescdale and kill the germs living within it.

Cif Citrus Burst Bathroom Mousse, 500ml.
Suitable for plastic, enamel and chromed surfaces.

Cif Easy Lift Bathroom, 1L.
With its powerful trigger action it easily removes limescale deposits and watermarks leaving your bathroom and shower sparkling clean, with taps and tiles reflecting a brilliant shine.

Cif Easy Lift Kitchen, 750ml.
Effective on tough grease and sticky residues, it helps prevent further grime from sticking.

Cif Cream, 500ml.
Removes the dirt you never thought you'd get rid of. Its micro particles and degreasing agents penetrate and lift up dirt all around your home, bringing back the shine.

Cif Stainless Steel Cleaner, 500ml.
Not only does it throughly degrease and remove stubborn dirt like limescale and watermarks, it also brings out a gleaming shine.

Cif Oven Cleaner, 500ml.
A fume free oven cleaner spray that is tough on grease and burnt on food.

Cif Floor Cleaner, 1L.
Ideal for linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tiles, it has been specially formulated to cut through stubborn dirt on floors and washable surfaces. Cif floor cleaner is residue free to leave a brilliant shine.
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