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Protect your PS4 @ Sony/Domestic & General from £4.99pm
Found 17th May 2016Found 17th May 2016
Protect your PS4 @ Sony/Domestic & General from £4.99pm
Your PlayStation®4 comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee that protects your console from faults and breakdowns. The PlayStation Protection Policy from Domestic & Gener… Read more
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This is just another scam. The Law states every electrical item bought in the U.K comes with a 6 year garantee. Please don't waste your hard earned money on CRAP like this.


There's loads of people with ps4s with dodgy disc drives just sat gathering dust... So if they just signed up for this cover now how would Sony even know the fault was there before paying for this? Could be a tempting proposition for those with already faulty ps4?


Unless you intentionally break your gear or have kids this is pointless, the sale of goods act covers everything else.


£5 a month = £50 a year? oO Discount code? :p

Sky Repairs £60 guaranteed for 6 months @ Sky Protect (Domestic & General)
Found 2nd Mar 2015Found 2nd Mar 2015
Sky Repairs £60 guaranteed for 6 months @ Sky Protect (Domestic & General)
Sky insure protect offers you repairs for £60 6x£10 a month. Covers repairs or replacements for duration of 6 months. Pretty good deal considering needed a new dish which would of … Read more

This must be the coldest deal ever. Tell sky you want to cancel as your equipment is broken and they will do it all for free for another 12 month contract.


Sky usually replace faulty equipment for free if it's a choice between doing that or losing your custom, since technically you own the equipment they might ask you to commit to a new 12 month term though.


Cold on so many levels. Cancel and watch them squirm.


Sky ripping you off.


That picture in the deal looks like a SKY thief getting away with their customer's hard earned cash. I bet there are bag has multiples of £60 in there!

Upgrade to Platinum Boiler Plan for an extra 1p/month (£16/month) @ Domestic & General
Found 4th Feb 2010Found 4th Feb 2010
Upgrade to Platinum Boiler Plan for an extra 1p/month (£16/month) @ Domestic & General
Just a quick deal I found which I realise will only be useful to a small number of people. Basically, I have a conventional boiler plan with Domestic & General which cost me £1… Read more
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The big get out with this cover is boiler AGE.... [COLOR=Navy]"The age limit for a HeatGuard cover plan depends on the type of boiler. Combination and condensing boilers can be covered until they are 8 years old while boiler cover can be taken out on conventional boilers until they are 15 years old. Once you have taken out a plan on your boiler, you can normally continue to renew the cover for the rest of its life." [/COLOR]My boiler is now about 22 years old, and British Gas are not yet whingeing too much about covering it. This plan also talks about USEFUL LIFE, which isn't defined :-(


In which case you need this... British Gas won't be that cheap on renewal, having had a call-out! The Platinum includes service too... who knows, they might even service it, rather than just stick a CO Monitor in the flue like British Gas do most years now :-(


£13 a month from british gas, includes an annual service too. Used them over christmas for the first time and the service was excellent. (£40 quidco too)


i've had this before, very good cover and good response time.