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Dominator INSULATED Garden Office Approx. W3.5m x D2.5m / W11' x D8'

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Dominator INSULATED Garden Office OverviewThe Dominator Insulated Garden Office is built from a modular system, this means that windows and doors can be positioned anywhere in the building. The door could be at the side or even the rear, you can have an entirely glazed front, side or rear the choice is all yours. This flexibility allows you to purchase a standard product and readily customise it to your needs.

Key Features
  • 75mm walls, highly insulated for year round use
  • Secure, industry leading multi-point locking systems
  • Designed with the DIYer in mind for quicker install
  • Superfelt included as standard
  • Vents supplied for airflow and to minimise moisture
  • High internal eaves height - 2.09m (6' 10")
  • 10 Year guarantee on pressure treated floor bearers
  • All fixings included at no extra cost

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  1. PS5's avatar
    shockingly poor insulation IMO.
    Wall and floor U value is 0.63... roof is 0.49.


    It will be better than nothing but don't think that this is great insulation just because they say so.. it really isn't.
    Oscarisnotgonnapicknotgon's avatar
    While those u values aren't great, it's still miles better than most old-stock British houses with either solid or uninsulated cavity walls (approx 70% less heat loss).
  2. brian.macgiollabhride's avatar
    Why is there a flamethrower on the dormer?
    Kinanswer's avatar
    Genuinely had to look. Check out the other sizes!
  3. ChampionshipManager's avatar
    Doesn't include a toilet
    Daves_mate's avatar
    That's what the side window is for.
  4. LoveTV's avatar
    Does it need a planning permission ?
    trebor's avatar
    As long as it’s under 2.5m in height, then almost certainly permission would not be required. No local restrictions would not apply in England unless you live in a conservation area or AONB or a national park etc.
    Specific restrictions apply to the location within your garden e.g anywhere except in front of the front elevation. You can only use a maximum of 50% of your garden space (front, back and side combined) for all extensions, outbuildings etc. Also if your house is a listed building or within the proximity of one, you would need listed building consent. Also check if Permitted Development Rights have been removed, usually on new estates. And Also check for convents, again especially on new estates. Not a planning issue but your developer/land owner could take legal action.
  5. Drooler's avatar
    52903413-qtqGf.jpgI'll just leave this here....
  6. BulletsMcDeath's avatar
    Would love something like this in the garden so I can dominate my Excel spreadsheets in style.
  7. KC30's avatar
    seriously wth is going on here 52903903-D77qK.jpg
    SriniKovv's avatar
    Office wars. Replacement of Robot Wars... Could be fun to watch!
  8. alasrati's avatar
    Dominator? This is the home office Johnson would buy.

  9. Ouzoherb's avatar
  10. timboslicey's avatar
    This firm has such an odd sense of humour.
  11. Zerobob's avatar
    Suspiciously macho name.
    hcc27's avatar
    Well, it allows you to dominate your office while working from home, I guess
  12. coony's avatar
    Insulated with foil...
  13. desi_lad's avatar
    only for 10 days of summer every year.
    hellojoe2's avatar
    Even 10 days is a big if.
  14. JustinScot's avatar
    hi, Out of interest what would the cost of materials alone be for something like this?
    jaffamuffin's avatar
    good question? Since these are build it yourself anyway, this would be interesting to know. i was looking at the 6x3 workshop/office
  15. Jaybeam's avatar
    Is it me but it doesn’t look bigger enough for an office - where’s the desk going to go
    pc5020's avatar
    Pretty much where they show it in the photos...
  16. Neil_McNamee's avatar
    The dominator??
    namGB's avatar
    Owned by skynet
  17. namGB's avatar
    I’ll be back lol
  18. SPLE22's avatar
    PS5's avatar
    I definitely couldn't
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