Domino lunch time 7” pizza £2

Domino lunch time 7” pizza £2

Found 19th Apr
Dominos lunch time 7” pizza £2, cheese & tomato or pepperoni, with £1 going to charity.
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Is that the 4 slice one?
Yes a 4 slice 7”
They were also handing out goody bags with every purchase with balloons, key rings a set of playing cards and a pen with a £10 off £25 spend. Happy days 😋
Didn't these used to be £1?
Yas2 h, 18 m ago

Didn't these used to be £1?

With o2 priority £1 lunch
Cheap_as_Chimps16 m ago

With o2 priority £1 lunch

Nah... you didn't need that. I remember it because I used to order £1 pizzas (2 separate orders) at about 2:00 (the offer ended somewhere around the end of lunchtime) pick them up at 3:00, pick the kids up from school, then go home stick them in the microwave to warm up, and kids tea was sorted.

I saved a bit. And kids thought they were getting an expensive treat. But safe to say I wasn't going to win any "parent of the year" awards.

Think this was a couple of years ago. Not sure when they last did it.
Not at my local I only see £4 for Personal Pizza and a drink and BOGOF
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there is a takeway in my city (open until 3am in the city centre) who sell a 8" pizza - It's one slice measuring 8 inches and costs £3

You can imagine my dissapointment when i got it!
Free with wuntu on Wednesday
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