Dominoes dicount code so far 50% off 20 quid

Dominoes dicount code so far 50% off 20 quid

Found 3rd Jan 2014
only deal i could find after 1 hour , you type in post code get a custom code to use at your local store, it wasn't on any of the pages i visited. I think its epic 20quid pizza for a tenner or the limmit is endless, offer excludes drinks and ice cream but with a 20 min spend u can not complain, only post if ur positive keep the dream alive its 50% off any order value above 20 quid.
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dominoes have a deal on atm 2 large pizzas cheesey garlic pizza bread wedges and a choice of 3 diffrrent dough balls delivered for 19.99
Three words. Local Turkish cheap double pizza.

Wtf I just gave you priceless tips and you're counting words?
Prefer a pizza from the Kebabby over that overpriced pizza!
Aint got my store on. Gutted. Hot from me though
Type your comment..... first post, 4 comments , cufc01 where you from so we can raise awareness
Worked for me at Newcastle under Lyme store. Code I was given after registering was "WHISPER1"
Used this twice now brilliant heat added
My store isn't in it either but heat from me!
This code never works for me I got given whisper1 too and always says invalid
I got a code. It only gives 50% off anything OVER £20. Eg I added a side to take me over the 20 and it just gave me half price side.
n1k41 and oosaboos, if you complain to store and they do nothing , you have to complain to dominoes you can do this on there facebook page , i find that easiest , there admin contact you and it get sorted from there.
Whisper1 for me too.. But the pizzas are massively overpriced. Medium pizza for £13? Rip off. £6.50 should be the price before codes..
I got janwhisp as my code, mention BOGOFF t&c's so maybe its changed???
tried the whisper1 and it still worked
yeh it is overpriced but u can not get pizza like it an i love pizza

nothing in coventry, cold.
sorry rinse dont know why the site seems to be everywhere , maybe deal is dead now
The deal still works just change your address each time.
just worked for me agin changed email lol and name and number
QRMKMWJH for keighley
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