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Domino's / Amex Offer - Spend £20, get £5 back
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Domino's / Amex Offer - Spend £20, get £5 back

Posted 5th Sep 2018
Found this on my Gold card.


  • Spend must be billed to your Card account by 31/10/2018, to be eligible for this offer. If Dominos does not charge your Card during this period, e.g. because of a delay in dispatching your goods, you may not be eligible for this offer.
  • Available online at dominos.co.uk/menu.
  • Only one credit per UK Card.
  • Offer only applies to spend made in Great British Pound (GBP) on the Card to which the offer is saved, including an American Express Card loaded into a mobile payment wallet.
  • Offer does not apply to spend on other Cards you might hold and is not valid for transactions made using Payment Aggregators.
  • An awarded credit may be reversed if qualifying transaction is refunded or cancelled.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from 31/10/2018.
  • For full Offer Terms and more details about statement credits click here.
  • By saving the offer to your Card, you agree to the Offer Terms.
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On my Gold and BA PP cards
Thanks, they'd be advertising Dominos now accepting Amex on the login page for a bit, so was hoping this would come up. Will be decent to stack with a discount code. Heated.

It's showing on my 'main' (oldest and most used) card - Everyday Cashback Credit Card. I can also see the Microsoft offer and Amex Travel offer recently added.


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Can't see it on my platinum
on mine - HEAT
Anyone worked out the best deals to stack this with yet?
Decent. That's tonight's dinner sorted.


Kindest regards
Got the email earlier and saved as it’s my turn in a couple weeks
LankyChris8 h, 23 m ago

Anyone worked out the best deals to stack this with yet?

Probably not one simple answer to this, but....

There is different pricing between stores and different offers available. Worth getting onto their website, enter your postcode to select your local store and then check the store specific offers - dominos.co.uk/dea…als

I think the BOGOF on collection is quite a popular promotion, so select 'Takeaway' (recently changed from 'Collection'?) and see if that offer shows - or just call your store and ask about their promotions, especially for takeaway. With the typical large pizza ~£18 - £19 either customise one with some extra toppings or add one of the cheaper sides to get it just over £20 to pay to trigger the Amex offer.

If you need delivery compare the offers your store is providing against a 35% off orders over £25 - 35YUMSEP (it's from VoucherCodes). Ideally price wise you'll want to actually have your basket total at £30.78 or more (as 35% of £30.78 is ~£10.77, so once the code knocks that off your total should still be £20), after the Amex cashback your total would then be £15, so just over a 50% discount.

Also worth testing code THEBIG50 - I know my local store is running this for 50% off pizza on spends of £20 and above. It's definitely store specific as I've tested a few others. I have a feeling it's been used lately due to a Papa John's recently opening close by!

Really depends what you actually want to eat and drink and what deals your store does. Enjoy.
LankyChris8 h, 42 m ago

Anyone worked out the best deals to stack this with yet?

Check out this link for finding vouchers that apply to your local store, should be able to find a 50% off.
Thanks op, on my Platinum but not my gold
Tried to use that 35YUMSEP code last night and it didn’t work on chicken kickers which are a staple of our regular order. There was an offer on the home screen for 40% off which very clearly stated excludes chicken so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s across the board now which will probably mark the end of my gang’s relationship with Dominos as the prices have rocketed up again. How can they not give discounts against chicken nuggets costing OVER 71p EACH?? £5.99 for 7 chicken kickers. Talk about a moment of clarity

i might use this against a meal deal as an au revoir but I think we will feel keenly the loss of the second garlic bread we always (used to) get.

hey ho - nothing stays the same!

now there’s meerkat meals who’s thinking we can all go out for a half decent meal for the same price as a Dominos
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