Domino's Pizza Box of Chicken Strippers - £1 EACH!

Domino's Pizza Box of Chicken Strippers - £1 EACH!

Found 3rd Nov 2010
I quote "we are having a competition to see which restaurant can sell the most".

This was in Swansea.. They are usually £4.25
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You get 6 in a box and they are £1 each..... :-p

Works out £6 a box!! COLD VOTE....
I would think it's a pound a box not each. That would be ridiculous selling them individually. A bit unfair to vote cold due to a partial description.
Not happening in my area!
Wife went to farmfoods last week there was a women who came out with about 6 boxes of pizza and then went into the back door of domino's pizza X)

I thought my wife was just having a laugh but she said no that's what happened
hot!, op didnt post the usual price hence the cold votes
It was £1 a BOX. Chicken Strippers is a collective term.

My entire house just got 5 boxes for a pound each. I don't understand how that's cold.
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you actually get 7 chicken strips in one box. i know coz i work there!
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