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VonShef 750W Food Processor £29.99 @ Domu
Found 25th NovFound 25th Nov
Chop, mix, shred, slice, juice, grate, make dough or liquidise ingredients in seconds. Features a generous 1.8 litre capacity blending jar Ideal for making soups and smoothies La… Read more

Thanks bought one in the morning, seems price has not gone up to £42.99! - so needs to be expired


What a bargain! Bought one from amazon a while ago for £45.


Was £42.99. Been looking for the price to go down for a while

VonHaus 12L Dehumidifier at Domu for £67.19
Found 25th NovFound 25th Nov
It was 89.99£, now it is 67.19£. 12 litres capacity, so good enough to cover a small / medium size flat.

Of course...


Prefer to ask before...


You can buy it and return it if it "doesn't work properly" but why it wouldn't it?


Looks like the sale is over 😜 89.99 again


Thanks ;)

VonShef 5L Air Fryer @ £57.99
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
This is a relatively large air fryer compared with most others on the market which are usually 1.5l or 3l tops. I couldn't find a discount code but there is 1.01% TCB. Comes with … Read more

Very tempted as I also have the 3.2 tower but need a bigger one. Thinking should I buy or hang on for this to drop lower? :/


Interesting, currently using a 3.2lt tower air fryer and love it. Moving out soon wonder should I get a bigger one or just order another one so I got two on the go instead (skeptical)

Vonhaus 240v 500nm corded impact wrench with 2 year guarantee £34.99 delivered @ Domu
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Gets good reviews on their site and on their eBay shop but cheaper to buy direct from them than on eBay and you get a 2 year warranty when you register your purchase online. Its £3… Read more

Here is real 600Nm Impact wrench (obviously completely different price tag). Just to show you how real tools works.


So basically this shows that this tool is around 200Nm only. In these video there is 185Nm Bosch which seems to be doing exactly the same job.


130Nm is the torque needed to tighten them. To undo them you need much more.


Here it is in action, looks a bit slow:


Lol an average car wheel nut torque in nm is around 130, this will do the job just fine. With an impact socket of course.

Large faux fur herringbone throw in grey or pink blush now £12.99 / Matching cushions £7.99 delivered @ Domu
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
I better not buy this or the other half will go mad - got an ottoman chest full of them behind the sofa already. Thought this was usual as its got the Herringbone pattern on it. Av… Read more

Dammit, didnt need a throw and now ordered 2...!


160 x 130 will hardly fit on one chair so its a very small size.


Thank you- ordered! (y)

Vonhaus wet and dry handheld vacuum with 2 year warranty now £17.99 delivered @ Domu
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
The same one has sold over 1200 on eBay and is £24.99 on there but you can get it for £17.99 by buying it direct. Vonhaus 11.1v wet and dry handheld vacuum cleaner with crevice to… Read more

Ordered, thanks. Prefect for cleaning up the kids food mess.


Need a vacuum for car.. tempted!


Just started looking into getting a handheld and this might be perfect. Any good reviews from anyone reading this?


Ordered thanks. 2 years warranty for this price. Will be handy for the car!


Specification Voltage: 11.1VPower: 100WSuction Power: 5kPaDust Capacity: 0.1L

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VonHaus 23 - 56" Double Arm Tilt & Swivel TV Bracket - £14.99 @ Domu UK
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
VESA Dimension is the most important specification when considering the best TV Bracket for your television. VESA Compatibility: 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x400m… Read more

I guess you could put more screws through it? Doesn't really matter as long as you can find the wood or metal studs the plasterboard attaches to and screw through to them


Cool. Think I’ll invest also as it looks like the bracket is quite sturdy and spreads the weight well on a plastered wall?


Bought one. It does, but not very far. The arms form a square at that point, so it's just how far this design can move. I think it's enough for what we need it for


Check the vid on the webpage. Looks like it


SomPun ts £12.74 on amazon lightning deal right now do you have link ?

VonHaus 32-65" Tilt TV Bracket - £9.99 Delivered @ Domu
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
Looks like a great deal - Ultra Slim 34mm from the wall, -15+15 Tilt, with a Super Strong 75kg Load Capacity and built-in Spirit Level.
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Are 65 inch tvs top big to utilise the tilt function? Is general practise to use a fixed wall bracket so the TV is as close to the wall as possible?


would this work with


Damn, been after a mount like this, but its vesa isn't compatible with my TV according to its description ;(


Absolute bargain 👌


Thanks op, just ordered! Not sure if these are any good hopefully it does the job!

VonHaus 20L Dehumidifier £89.99 Delivered With 10% OFF Sign-up Code + 3% Quidco / 4% TCB @ Domu
Found 28th OctFound 28th Oct
10% OFF Code Link - (It may take few minutes for the code to arrive via email) Excess moisture, mould, damp odours, condensation and peeli… Read more

Sadly it's gone up in price :'(. Sam of London's dehumidifier is great but too expensive for me at the moment.


Deal no longer available. I was just about to buy it too


Most people don't live in low temperatures, most of my house is 20 degrees C at this moment, therefore my desiccant unit is working fine downstairs and my compressor one is also working upstairs perfectly fine.


Does it mean dessicant uses more or less energy?


Desiccant generally in excess of 30% less energy for the same amount of water removal.

VonHaus 12L Dehumidifier £76.49 Delivered With 10% OFF Sign-up Code + 3% Quidco & TCB @ Domu
Found 28th OctFound 28th Oct
10% OFF Code Link - (It may take few minutes for the code to arrive via email) Remove moisture from your home or caravan with the VonHaus … Read more

Dessicant are much better dehumidifiers. Compressor ones stop working at low temperatures

VonHaus Bagless HEPA Cylinder Vacuum with 2 year Warranty was £44.99 now £31.99 Delivered @ Domu
Found 25th OctFound 25th Oct
Thought this seemed a decent price now, still £44.99 - £49.99 elsewhere. Was £44.99 & now discounted to £31.99 with Free Delivery Excellent reviews on site & across the n… Read more
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Anyone bought this ? Notice it’s £32.99 now but just wondered about performance ?


Looks like the price has gone up to £36.99

VonHaus 20L Dehumidifier £99.99 @ Domu
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Price drop from £140 Free UK delivery Also available through Amazon here from the Domu Effectively remove damp, mould, moisture and bad odours from the air thanks to the VonHau… Read more

Guys mines it's taking lots of water now but I'm worry about the electricity bill. Is it going to ruin me?


Anyone registered the product for the 2 year warranty? I cannot find the product code anywhere


Sounds like it has an issue if it didn't collect any water at all in 6 hours. I have mine on Auto, which I think it regulates the humidity to 50% (or might be 55%, can't remember) then kills the compressor. I would say it pulled about a cup of water in 6 hours in auto mode.


Mine arrived today and I had it for 6 hours in my bedroom which is very damp and it hasn't taken any water. I had it on auto mode and drying mode... What mode do you have it on?


I think you will struggle to sleep with it on. Ideal to run it for a few hours before you goto sleep. Had mine since this morning and was surprised the amount of moisture it has pulled in a few hours!

VonHaus 45L Pedal Recycling Bin £39.99 Delivered @ DOMU
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Decent price for this 45L pedal recycling bin, with 3 colour coded compartments, and made from stainless steel. Recycling is as important now as it’s ever been, with conscientio… Read more

I'd rather not be lazy etc. and put the bottles in the outside bin than have any bins at all in my kitchen etc.


These are great contrary to what people are saying here but you need 20x3 litres absolute minimum.

daalphamale sure they do it uk wide if not get onto them


Me to always empty bins at night cannot have it in the house overnight. Maybe people want to just empty on bin day!


Oh damn, it sounds like we have the same challenge. The only problem with the IKEA one for me is, even though its on a slidey shelf thing I want the lid to stay put so I don't have to be lifting the lid each time if that makes sense

Metal single bedframe £37.99, pine single bedframe £69.99 / double £99.99 all delivered with 2 year guarantee more in op @ Domu
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Considering these prices are delivered and you get a 2 year guarantee, I thought these were really good prices for beds. Great for moving out of uni halls or just starting out. Get… Read more

Thanks I bought a silver framed single bed and it’s about half the price of what I was looking at. (y)

VonShef 3pc Cast Iron Skillet Set - £21.99 @ Domu
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
Free UK mainland delivery. It went down to £18.99 few days ago, gone back up again!

That's a good price. It's £22.99 on ebay.


if yours are not in as bad condition you can skip the extreme electric wire brush method. but there are plenty of youtube videos on how to restore it. Once you have it well seasoned, ongoing maintenance is very easy, just remember dish washing liquid is a degreaser you do not want to use that in your pan and paper towels for putting oil on can leave lint using an only tshirt or something that you keep in the cupboard or something will be better over time you will not need to keep applying oil to it either as it should hold it.


Heat ordered thanks


6" is way too small for me 🤭


Soak it in white vinegar first to loosen the rust then lightly rub with scourer and then use oil I use rapeseed oil

VonShef Digital Jug Bowl Scale now £9.99 delivered + 2 year warranty @ Domu
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Looks good for just £9.99! Up to 5KG, free delivery, 2 year warranty with registration. Accurate measuring made easy! Impressive 5kg max. capacity accurate to the nearest 1g … Read more
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I got a juggy type one from a poundsaver type store for about a fiver (I know paid £4 too much, think they saw me coming lol). The battery run out fast, and it turned into a bas*#rd to try and replace the battery....and so its now rotting away in the elephants graveyard of old dodgy (though seemed like a good idea at the time) kitchen utensils that every home has in the deppest darkest corner of the kitchem or utility room (if you're semi posh)....or the maids quarters (if your old-monied) :{


flat digital scales that you can weigh any bowl/jug/jar on are better.


That's when I got mine too.


They will also break after a couple of years as the glue that holds a bracket on the side of the silver dish will fail. Good idea but poorly executed... (I had one which now binned


these are fantastic for weighing letters and small parcels had mine for five years. Other half borrowed it in the kitchen and stacked pans on it in the cupboard and broke it.

VonShef Microwave Rice Cooker Steamer Pot with Drainer, Paddle + Measuring Cup 2.23L + 2 Year Warranty in Teal £5.99 Delivered @ DOMU UK
Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Looking around for a Microwave Rice Steamer & came across this one for £5.99 (was £12.99) at the Domu UK and also Domu Amazon and Domu Ebay, has great reviews across the net &a… Read more
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Kids parties, that sort of thing. ‘What did you bring, Geoff?’ ‘Oh just some boiled brown rice and a tub (BPA free) of pomegranate seeds. You know, cancer and that’.


Who goes to buffets to eat cheap food these days?


What a load of cobblers. You must be a right laugh at buffets.


Disagree on the oil. Most of the serious health (mostly cancer related) issues with rice are linked to oil and low quality white rice. I only use brown rice and never add oil.


Few things that are also worth trying (I cook rice dishes at least three times a week) - steep the rice for at least 30 minutes in cold water before rinsing - or all afternoon if you want. Also toasting the rice in oil in the cooking pan with onions and spices before adding a stock makes for next-level rice. For a basic spicy rice (for a cup, or 250ml of basmati rice) One small onion 470ml hot stock (1-2 chicken stock cubes depending on how salty you like your rice) 1 heaped teaspoon paprika Half a teaspoon cumin Pinch of cinnamon powder or a stick of cinnamon or cassia bark Pinch of clove powder or two cloves Teaspoon dried marjoram Half a teaspoon dried oregano 1/2 tsp spicy paprika or deggi mirch 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp coarse ground black pepper Half a teaspoon Mexican spice mix (if available, I make my own but it isn't necessary) Heaped teaspoon coriander paste or a big sprinkle of finely chopped fresh coriander Teaspoon garlic granules Fry onions slowly until they start to go dark and caramelise. Add the drained rice and fry on high quickly and briskly (to quickly evaporate the excess water). Once the rice has started to turn slightly golden and translucent you can add the prepared hot stock, stir quickly and place a completely sealed lid on the rice. Cook on lowest for 15minutes, remove cloves/cinnamon, stir rest with the lid on for another 15 minutes or so until serving. This could work in some capacity in the microwave. You could buy pre made crispy onions, although they contain wheat so they will make the rice a bit more sticky.

Domu upto 50% off sale
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
Lots of fire pits to warm up your garden
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"Lots and lots of items...", only 24 items are on sale of which all are for the garden related. Checked within 2 minutes, nothing decent that's worth buying


Not much

VonHaus log burner stove Fan £18.99 delivered @ Domu
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
Temperatures are dropping, so thought I'd get ready for sparking up our new log burner. This fan is £18.99 delivered - Amazon have it at £22.95 delivered. Great reviews. Specifi… Read more

Not quite true. They work because of the temperature difference from the base of the fan and the top of the fan. That's why the top looks like a heat exchange. There is a peltier panel (lil white panel about 3mm thick) between the base and the top. When there is a temperature difference across this panel it generates current and turns the fan. Which in turn helps to cool the top and therefore turn the fan. Very clever imo. You also get a peltier device in one of them cheap fridge doodahs or a powered coolbox. But in that case you put current in and get hot and cold out and they therefore just have a little fan to take some of the heat away. Same idea as the fan but the other way around.


Alooooominum heats up really quickly. (poo)



They are very silent. You don’t really hear at all. The good thing with this is that it reuses the heat from the log burner to run so you need to change batteries or plug it in.


No, works on the heat radiated from the top of a multi fuel stove. Your rad wouldn’t get hot enough to power it.