Donald Russell Traditional Steak Selection over 55% OFF £29

Donald Russell Traditional Steak Selection over 55% OFF £29

Found 24th Apr 2014
Enter code 'hut1401' for FREE delivery. Enjoy 7 generous servings of finest quality grass-fed, naturally reared steak. Our Sirloin Steaks are flavoursome and tender, whilst our Ribeye Steaks are generously marbled for extra flavour. This selection also contains some of our Rump cuts. Our Pavé Rump Steaks are thicker than traditional rump steaks, whilst are Pavé Rump Medallions are quick and easy to cook yet delicious. Our Steak Burgers are made of nothing but pure grass-fed beef, with absolutely no seasoning added
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not too sure about a 6 ounce serving being generous but looks like a decent enough price for quality beef. Heat given
Not organic so not for me but this looks like a bargain for those who aren't as fussed.
Organic, LOL
Aren't these normally £30? So you're saving a whole £1?
If any of those steaks in that picture are representative of the size of the ones you get I'll eat my leather shoes which will probably have more protein in them than these 'generous' portion sizes....NOT!
Terrible value compared to my local butcher

Organic, LOL

Why lol?
terrible value my meat market is a lot cheaper he has fillet steak for around £20kg rump at £8 and sirloin i get cheaper of another butcher £10 for about 6 12oz pieces
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