Donate 5p to charity by following Pret a Manger on twitter, or by liking their facebook page

Donate 5p to charity by following Pret a Manger on twitter, or by liking their facebook page

Found 14th Dec 2012
May well be a ploy for followers, but may be worth it. From Pret's website:

We love Christmas. But for some it can be the hardest time of year. We believe a little from each of us can make a big difference to those who need it most.
We are donating 5p from every sandwich and baguette to help us achieve our £300,000 goal. We'll also donate another 5p every time you check-in to a Pret shop with Foursquare (and you get yourself the rather exclusive Pret Badge), if you follow us on Twitter or
Like us on Facebook.
Together we can help break the cycle of homelessness.
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this is only for marketing not for charity
better than nothing. Thanks OP

Throughout the year we support hundreds of charities helping the homeless by giving our unsold sandwiches to them at the end of each day. The Pret Charity Run operates LPG vans that deliver over 12,000 fresh meals to numerous shelters in London every week. Many charities across the UK collect directly from our shops at the end of each day, too.

In total, Pret donates over 2.4 million products to charities for the homeless across the UK every year. It's much better our natural food goes to people who really need it at the end of the day and not in the bin.
Every little helps. My heart goes out to the homeless at this time of year.
Why can't they just donate all the cash they've obviously already set aside, without shouting "look at us, we're giving money to charity, but only if you like us" on facebook?

These campaigns bug me, I'm sure they mean well, and I realise it's all about publicity etc... but I'd rather they handed the money over first - I'd be more inclined to 'like' them then.
5p lol
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