Donkey Kong Amiibo £5.50 Asda instore

Donkey Kong Amiibo £5.50 Asda instore

LocalFound 3rd Feb 2017
Good price? Seemed ok to me but I'm not up on Amiibo prices.
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which asda?
5 instore at tesco
£5 or below is a good price for any amiibo except Animal Crossing, Ryu, Ness and Roy.

5 instore at tesco

​which tesco?
not national. still £10+ in Huddersfield
Apologies for lack of info - it was in the Asda store on Durkar, Wakefield - plenty there and I didn't buy one (still don't fully understand them).
FYI guys and gals. the Super Mario version is £4.99 new and delivered from Grainger Games bought myself one last week.…ong
I'm quite surprised how hot this deal is rated considering.
I don't even know of an ASDA within 40 miles of me that sells Amiibo's. Very store specific to say the least. And DK has always been one of the rarer sold Amiibo's in stores. Not sure what people know what they are voting for...
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