Donkey Kong Jet Race for Wii £14.99 @ HMV

Donkey Kong Jet Race for Wii £14.99 @ HMV

Found 5th Nov 2009
Some games sound so unbelievably crazy that you're sure they're going to be damn good fun to play. Donkey Kong Jet Race sees a load of monkeys and lizards racing jets in a Mario Kart fashion. Add in the fact that these jets are really just bongo drums and that this is a first-party game from Nintendo, and you'd put down good money that the Wii had the perfect game to tide us over until Mario Kart Wii arrives later in the year. What a foolish bet that would have been.

Jet Race (or Barrel Blast) as it's known elsewhere, is sadly another sub-par character-based racer. It started out in life as a GameCube game that would make use of the fun GameCube bongo controller. With the GameCube now dead and everyone and their cat loving the motion controlled shenanigans offered by the Wii, someone at Nintendo obviously thought switching the game to the Wii made sense.

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Amazon and play are £24.99.

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