Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Nintendo Wii £13.44 with voucher @ The Hut

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Nintendo Wii £13.44 with voucher @ The Hut

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Good price for this as elsewhere: -
Asda £18.71
Sendit £23.89
ShopTo.Net £24.99 £24.99
HMV £24.99
Game £24.99

You will need to help Donkey Kong, the world's best known ape and one of Nintendo's most famous characters, swing and pounce his way through the jungle in this larger-than-life adventure, but this is no ordinary platform game. The goal isn't just to get to the end of the level, but to gather as many banana points as possible, performing combos to maximise your score.

The movements of Donkey Kong are controlled through the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers - swing them in to unleash attacks on and direct soundwaves at your enemies! Two brand new stages have been added, making this game a must-buy for fans of the original, as well as gamers who have yet to experience the excitement of this unique game.

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat for Wii will offer all new enemies such as the stomping Thumpskull and the electric shock-producing Buzzball, as well as new bonuses to collect and new weapons to use, it will offer a new fun and challenging experience.

Shake your Wii Remote and Nunchuk to defeat enemies, or use the familiar Wii Boxing moves to take on a boss, as you jump and swing your way through the latest Donkey Kong adventure on Wii.

Shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to attack enemies
Point and click to climb walls and swing from vines
Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat for Wii will offer two new stages
Use all-new weapons to take on new enemies, as well as collecting all new bonuses

Use code SONIC10


good find


very good game
free on espal wii though


very good gamefree on espal wii though



very good gamefree on espal wii though

Probably free to use whilst you are detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure for theft too.

"Heat" added to this deal listing.

I already have the earlier Nintendo GameCube version of this title (that you can play with the "DK Bongo" Controllers) & it adds a interesting derivation to the standard "platform(er)" genre.

No experience of the Wii (re-)release, but at this price I may take advantage of the offer.



Got this preowned recently for £12.99, and I was chuffed with the price


I have the original Gamecube version also, with the bongos (along with Donkey Konga)

The kids and I have great fun when we play this on the Wii - the control system is just so different, and the title has the look and feel of a classic Nintendo effort.

Can't comment on the remake/wiimake, but if it is half as fun as the original, it is certainly worth buying.

(May be worth picking up the original version with some bongos from eBay if you are that way inclined, as you can get them both for cheaper than this if you keep your eyes peeled).

Sadly this new version is not compatible with the Bongos, they overlooked that one I feel.

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Cheaper today only - with discount code

does the voucher still work today?

Gutted it is now £18.73 I missed out on the Zavvi deal the other day too!!
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