Don't Panic Game £4.99 was £15.99 @ toys rus

Don't Panic Game £4.99 was £15.99 @ toys rus

Found 4th Jun 2008

A fantastic game for the whole family to play together. Don't Panic puts players on the spot in a race against the clock and believe it or not, however calm you think you may be under pressure, once the ticking of the timer starts you will be surprised how easy it is to forget the answer to even the simplest of questions!

The game comes with two sets of questions. An easier selection for younger players, and more difficult questions for older players, but you can use your imagination and add your own questions if you wish. Guaranteed to cause a riot in any household that takes on the challenge!


Seems like a good game for a decent price...


This is a great game, recommended :thumbsup:

This is a brilliant game - I won't be buying one though as we already have one from years ago! It still gets played, there's not many games you go back and back to but this is one of them.

I'll never forget my youngest who was about 6/7 at the time getting "sharp things" to name and the first one she came up with was "sheep's horn's"!!!! :giggle:

Am I right in saying that this is only available online and delivery is at least £4.95? Which being the case would be worth advising in the deal.

Argos had this for a fiver in their last sale.

play this at parties! Canny beat it!
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