Posted 5 March 2023

How to Finish Your Dissertation in Six Months, Even if You Don't Know What to Write - Free Kindle eBook @ Amazon

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If you, or someone close to you need to do a dissertation (or write a paper), then it can be difficult to work out how to approach the thing. If you/they don’t know where to start, start with this. Stop reading any more HUKDeals (temporarily, anyway), and spend a day immersed in this free kindle book. At most, you’ll be inspired to get stuck in, at worst, you’ll have spent a day at least in the hope of trying.
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    "Nothing shockingly amazing here. Apparently the trick to "finishing" your dissertation in six months is just to write it, rambling on without stopping, and setting yourself a word target every day and punishing yourself if you don't do it (eg giving your friends $1). This might be a good way to produce several thousand words, but that is a far cry from *finishing* a dissertation, ie completing it to a good standard. So if you're looking for ideas or tips or tricks beyond "just start writing it" then this book ain't for you."
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    Yeah, I read that negative review too. I also read the other reviews, the majority of which were 5 stars and very positive.
    One of the practices that I found very important when I was writing my Master’s dissertation (and so was part of the ‘learning’) was to focus on the positives rather than the negatives.
    The key for me was finding the kick-start.
    As for the punitive measure that yer man mentions in your quotation of his review above, a dollar to mates sounds daft, but maybe a small, set amount that you can pop into a jar at home then donate to your favourite charity (or to buy your graduation photo?) would be a sensible alternative…
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    Chatgpt is the only resource required..... check it out
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    ChatGPT is a total bulls hitter though. Be very careful using it. Check the output multiple times. It has a zero sense of logic. It more often than not gives information that at first glance appears correct but is widely inaccurate.

    You could use it for ideas and rewriting your ideas. It's an extremely bad idea to use it to generate your homework though. (edited)
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    Did mine in 2 weeks, got a 2:2
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  4. thethomohawk's avatar
    By the time you’ve read the book you could’ve probably completed your dissertation. The hardest part is starting.
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    I'm looking for a book on 'How To Finish Your Dissertation In 6 Days '...
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    I used to only give myself an hour per thousand words, then an hour to get it from computer to handed in.
  6. Toneluck's avatar
    I just rehashed an old GCSE exam piece I'd written...and it worked, I got my degree! Just don't tell anyone...oh, hang on..
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    As long as you reference it correctly, then you will not be plagiarising. I had to complete a plagiarism quiz at Royal Holloway in January, so this is true!
  7. biagrin's avatar
    An undergraduate dissertation should only take 6 months anyway. If you don’t know what to write then you are probably in the wrong subject.
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    If one has to resort to free Amazon books for life tips then one shouldn’t be in higher education.
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    There's so much freely available education now that the actual challenge is knowing which is beneficial or not. Be wary of free books on Amazon there are definitely very good ones but many are written poorly just to make some passive income for somebody.
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    Thanks OP
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    How to Finish Your Dissertation in Six Months, -- the answer in a massive 19 pages!
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    99% inspiration…
    Spend time wisely, eh?
  11. mysmugcat's avatar
    Top tip: limit alcohol
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    And use of caffeine tablets…
  12. dors01's avatar
    I can tell you the content of this book it says "don't read books about doing your dissertation JFDI".
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    Boris Johnson can use this for the new Shakespeare book he's writing
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