Donut County PC £5.14 at Epic Store

Donut County PC £5.14 at Epic Store

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Expert (Beta)2
Expert (Beta)
Refreshed 15th May (Posted 14th May)
“Donut County is a singular experience that transcends its simple, but potent core mechanic thanks to its idiosyncratic humor, clever gameplay twists, and a gleeful sense of what makes swallowing the world into a hole so cathartic.”
10/10 – We Got This Covered

“The adorable world inhabited by colorful characters is something we desperately need more of in games. Donut County might not be a long experience, but it’s one that players can’t help but cherish.”
9/10 – Hardcore Gamer

“Donut County is an entertaining diversion: it’s quirky, simple to play, and doesn’t outstay its welcome. Given so many games-as-service are currently vying for hundreds of hours of your life, small gems like this are a valuable and finite source of relief.”
8.3/10 – PC Gamer
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Why do you keep putting steam in the title? You’re supposed to be an expert (beta)
Lovely fun game
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