Doom (2005) (DVD) - £1.18 @ Choicesuk.com
Doom (2005) (DVD) -  £1.18 @ Choicesuk.com

Doom (2005) (DVD) - £1.18 @ Choicesuk.com

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Cheap film getting even cheaper. They will be giving it away next!

All-action sci-fi adaptation of the popular first-person shooter computer game, starring The Rock and Karl Urban. On the planet Mars, a team of scientists have set up an experimental research facility that suddenly ceases communication with no warning. A Rapid Response Tactical Squad, led by Sarge (The Rock) and Grimm (Urban), are dispatched to investigate, and make the shocking discovery that the scientists have opened a dimensional gateway to Hell itself. Against all the odds, the squad have to fight their way through the base to shut off the portal, and then kill every horrific escaped demon creature before the hordes of Hell can reach Earth.


£2 whenever I've seen it, so this is definitely the best price i've ever seen.

Film is nowhere near as bad as reviews say also.

Oohh I love this film!! Thanks


Bough this a couple of years ago for £3 from Morrisons and it came with Serenity. Great film, would recommend buying.
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Good film.Great price.

Oh my days, that is dirt cheap! nice find!


I dont understand all the flak this movie gets either. For what it is its great fun. Switch your brain off and enjoy some good solid sci-fi action. I've got it on blu ray and it looks fantastic.
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Great film - what they do at the end is brilliant!

Not sure what early reviewers of this film were expecting but I, and it seems a lot of others, thought it was a really good film. Maybe giving films like this a good write up would not be the thing to do ;-)

It seems that some people fail to realise that not all movies are targeted at being megabuck-splashing epics. Some movies are made a little tongue-in-cheek. This was based on a game that was over the top from the outset, so the movie should be no different. I just wish there'd been more first person sections.X)


I just wish there'd been more first person sections.X)

I love this video... youtube.com/wat…edM

Hehe, that's pretty cool. The only way it may have been better would have been if they had filmed it within some ruined, dusty area, which is what a lot of the maps look like.:)

Ordered. Thanks for link.
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