DOOM Complete Pack Only £7.81 @ Steam (66% off!)
DOOM Complete Pack Only £7.81 @ Steam (66% off!)

DOOM Complete Pack Only £7.81 @ Steam (66% off!)

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The demons came and the marines died. Except one. You are the last defense against these hell-spawned hordes. Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered action ever!

Complete Doom pack for under 8 quid. Done deal.

Includes The Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, Doom II, Master Levels for Doom II, Doom 3 & Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil.


awww this brings back memories

Best to leave them as memories - mine are currently memorised in DX11 glory - I don't want to play these and see how pixelated they really were ...

They do look a little clunky, but still play great

Buy them on steam and own them forever!

Does anyone know if you can play them coop online?

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Even when I got into them they had still been surpassed graphically, but their successors still struggled to get 'it' right, and only a few have managed 'it'. There must be people out there who didn't see these the first time round and should give them a go to see how it all started, yet to witness what 'it' is.

And the major benefit I see to this sort of purchase is that they will work on later versions of Windows. I'm betting the copies I have will struggle even through DOSBox.

And I've just noticed Doom 3 is included, which to me makes it a nicely balanced deal. Thumbs up from me!

I'm with you Macdory , best fondly remembered as opposed to playing them again and ruining it all.

It more than likely uses dosbox like GOG does.

Come off it, tiring of Doom is tiring of life

If you're worried about the graphics then get onto the Doomsday Engine. It does online too.

3 was ace, not pixellated


Come off it, tiring of Doom is tiring of life ;)If you're worried about … Come off it, tiring of Doom is tiring of life ;)If you're worried about the graphics then get onto the Doomsday Engine. It does online too.

Hi does doomsday engine work with the steam one?

I remember playing this with the lights of and bricking it often.

Sweet nostalgia.

wow this brings back old memories. I remember playing this on a PC yeaaarss ago, must be atleast 15 years or so.


awww this brings back memories

LOL, same here, I recall the impact on productivity when some naughty fellow installed it on our corporate network ( 1995? maybe).

Considering Doom 3 was released 6 years ago, it still holds up incredibly well graphically, especially on ultra high settings. Terrific atmosphere too, even if the gameplay was badly lacking.

Well worth a go at this price, especially with the other games in the pack!

doom 3 was one of my favourite games of all time,doom 4 next year will be worth the wait

This was experienced at its best when it came out, ont he platform it came out on initially. As for right now, money would be better spent on better games. Like someone quite rightly put it. Best remembered fondly rather than played again to the realisation that doom games were not all that great.

Im a big fan of Doom, doom multiplayer still brings back memories, but Doom 3 was absolute pants, they took away the fun, speed and large level layout and replaced it with dark corridors and dark rooms.
Jdoom was it?? [edit: yes!], that gave a high resolution to the old games,updated graphics with the ability to look around with the mouse and jump like recent shooters. I'd really recommend this, rather than the low res standard versions.
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wow they still expect money for these old games?

They are worthless, they should be free to download.

Dont give them any of your money. Just download them of torrent if you need them.

would mind getting wolfenstien versions

The Doom series was good, well apart from Doom 3 which was a tech demo devoid of any decent gameplay. Duke 3D beats em all though

Oh, all those UAC dark and claustrophobic corridors always bring (usually painful) memories and that dejavu feeling of a place my memory swears I've been actually to.

Don't buy it if you don't want but do understand this is a no-brainer: the same reason that compels people to buy this fantastic deal must lie somewhere near to the one that makes you buy that favourite film to watch it time and time again.

A classic will always be a classic after all.

Been playing the original Doom games recently and it's the gameplay: still excellent and frenetically exciting, something that Doom 3 did away with.



What a great article. DOOM forever!!
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