Dora The Explorer - Lunchtin DVD £12.89@sendit

Dora The Explorer - Lunchtin DVD £12.89@sendit

Found 28th Oct 2008
hi just ordered this from sendit as a stocking filler seems a good price as the chepest ive seen the dvds individually are £4.88 each so saving £1.75
and also getting lunch tin free
Lunchtin contains the following DVDs:
Catch The Stars:
- Star Catcher: Abuela gives Dora a Star Pocket, making her a Star Catcher! When Swiper swipes the Star Pocket, Dora needs you and the Explorer Stars to help her recover it and rescue her new star-friend, Woo-Hoo!
- Star Mountain: Oh, no! Swiper swiped Dora's necklace and threw it to the top of Star Mountain! To get it back, Dora needs your help, and the help of some special Explorer Stars too!
- Louder!: Dora and Boots need to help Red Rooster wake up the Sun because all their friends are still sleeping in their PJ's! Will you help them get the morning started?
- Hide And Go Seek: Dora and her friends are great at hiding! To win Senor Tucan's trophy, Dora will need your help finding her friends in the Spooky Cave, the Squirrel Tree, and the Rainforest!

City of Lost Toys:
- The Lost City: Dora has lost her teddy bear! Tico has lost his keys! Even Swiper has lost something! So Dora and Boots set out to find all the lost treasures at the Lost City. They'll need preschoolers' help to race through the Number Pyramid and fix the Mixed-up Jungle to get to the Lost City and find Dora's teddy bear... and all the other lost treasures too!
- Lost Squeaky: Squeaky, squeaky! Boots loves to squeeze his adorably squeezable new bath toy, Squeaky. But when Boots squeezes too hard and loses Squeaky in a stream, preschoolers need to help Dora and Boots head all the way to Gooey Geyser to get him back!
- Berry Hunt: Dora and Boots are hunting for sweet, juicy blueberries, and they need your help to get to Blueberry Hill. Help them row across the Icy Cold River and swing over the Prickly Forest. But watch out for Swiper the Fox, and other surprises on Blueberry Hill.
- Sticky Tape: Benny the Bull needs some Sticky Tape in a hurry. His hot air balloon is leaking air, and he's headed right for Crocodile Lake! Help Dora and Boots bring the Sticky Tape to Benny so he can fix his balloon.

Meet Diego:
- Meet Diego!: At the Animal Rescue Center, Dora, Boots, and Diego hear a call for help. Baby Jaguar is stuck at the Waterfall, and they need you to help them run, swing and jump to the rescue! Check Diego's Field Journal, zip along on a zip-cord, call to wild animals... all while jumping, reaching and grabbing for stars! There's a lot to do in this action-packed animal adventure.
- To The South Pole: The Rescue Truck arrives at Diego's Animal Rescue Center to drop off an animal that's really lost - a penguin! Dora, Boots and Diego will need to ride on a plane, a boat and even a snowmobile to bring Pinguino back to his family in the South Pole! Help them talk to animals along the way, and catch stars! Even in the South Pole, Dora needs you to keep an eye out for estrellas... and for that sneaky fox, Swiper!
- Little Star: Dora and Boots want to make a wish on the first star in the night sky, but suddenly Little Star falls to the earth! With your help, Dora and Boots set out to bring the adorable Little Star back home to her friend the Moon, so that everyone can make a wish!
- Wizzle Wishes: Meet the Wizzle, a cute little creature who has lost his wishes and can't wish himself home. To help the Wizzle, Dora and Boots need to catch his run-away wishes before they all get used up! They can't do it without you!
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