Dorco Pace 6 for £0.99 with voucher via Amazon sold by Razors by Dorco

Dorco Pace 6 for £0.99 with voucher via Amazon sold by Razors by Dorco

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okay I do't know where to post this but you just need to pay 0.99 for postage. you need to sign up through this website and they will send you a amazon voucher to your email address
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you have the price wrong - 99p not £
These are brilliant i purchase them to to take on holiday and think they are well worth the money
very good razors
Good razor remember this is only 1 razor and 1 blade, offer I got was 2 razors and 8 blades for £5.00 a while ago
Bought these before on the recommendation of others on this site, Generally the shaving experience is very good but I've cut myself a few times in recent months which never happened with Gillette products. Price is agreeable but caution required.
I'll use it as s holiday razor and just leave it behind.
These are not very good.Tried them a couple of months ago.Cut myself a few times.
Thanks for the offer, ordered. I have used these for awhile and needed a second handle. I have found these to be superior to the Gilette equivalent giving what seems to be a cleaner and closer shave and lasting longer.
Thanks, I already have one for sale price, do not shave often so get a new promotional one every 6 months. At this price quality is good and it's a no brainer...
Not so sure about this "Dork-o" brand. Due to the horrendous cost of Gillette multi-blade cartridges, I've gone back to using DE blades with a Feather "Popular" handle and it's as good, if not, superior to multi-blade shaving.
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+1 for DE shaving. I started a couple of months ago and and haven't looked back. 100 Derby blades on the 'bay for £5 is unbeatable.
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