Doris Day Box Set (Screen Goddess Collection) (6 Discs) 10.99 at

Doris Day Box Set (Screen Goddess Collection) (6 Discs) 10.99 at

Found 17th Apr 2010
A collection of six classic Doris Day movies in one bumper value box set!
Young At Heart (1955) Barney Sloan (Frank Sinatra) is a cynical, down-on-his-luck musician, who reluctantly agrees to help his composer friend Alex Burke (Gig Young) with a new comedy he is working on. However, Barney gains a new perspective on life and love when he meets Alex's irrepressibly perky fiancee, Laurie (Doris Day) - and promptly falls in love with her!
Lover Come Back (1961) Account executive Hudson uses unethical means of securing accounts while Day lures clients with her charm and knowledge. But when he steals a client out from under her nose, revenge propels her to infiltrate his secret VIP campaign in order to persuade the mystery product's scientist to switch to her advertising firm. Unbeknownst to her, the scientist is actually Hudson, who's enjoying his deception and her company's expense account...
The Thrill Of It All (1963) At a dinner party, Beverly Boyer, wife of an obstetrician and mother of two, tells the manufacturer of Happy soap about her experiences with his product. Charmed by her spontaneous appearance he offers her a chance to tell her story in his commercials. After some hesitations, Beverley accepts and she quickly turns from housewife into famous television personality, much to the dismay of her neglected husband...
Send Me No Flowers (1964) Hudson is hilarious as an obsesed hyperchondriac who is mistakenly over hears his doctor discussing the impending death of a patient. Believing the poor victim is himself Hudson elicts the help of his friend and neighbour, Tony Randall, to find a new husband for his soon to be widowed wife. Randall, unfortunately, isn't much help as he deals with his upcoming loss by swigging martinis. Alarmed by her husband's increasingly strange behaviour, Day becomes even more frustrated when an old paramour (Clint Walker) shows up at their country club and Hudson encourages his attentions towards her!
Pillow Talk (1959) Rock Hudson is Brad Allen a songwriter and notorious playboy. Doris Day is Jan Morrow, a pert interior decorator. Together they share a party line over which they develop an intense dislike for one another. But when Brad eventually matches Jan's voice to her face and figure, the events that follow in this uproarious romantic comdedy succeed in giving new meaning to the phrase "all's fair in love and war"!
It Happened To Jane (1959): A little-known gem from 1959, this romantic comedy stars Doris Day, Jack Lemmon, and Ernie Kovacs in a classic tale of a small-town, underdog triumph over corrupt, big-business interests.
Jane Osgood (Day) is a widowed mother who runs a struggling lobster business in coastal Maine, while Harry Malone (Kovacs) is a wealthy businessman who has bought out the local railroad. He harbors big plans for it, aiming to transform it into a luxury passenger train, replacing the freight train the residents of the area depend upon. When a large lobster shipment of Jane's is rerouted and returned to her dead, she decides to fight back, and sues Malone with the help of her longtime friend and lawyer George Denham. This instigates a battle of increasingly epic proportions, as Malone uses every trick in the book--as well as his massive bank account--to quell the resolve of the spitfire businesswoman; Jane, for her part, has public sympathy on her side. A reporter for the national news doing a story on Jane (Steve Forrest) begins to fall in love with her, and she is forced to decide between the romantic journalist and her childhood friend, George. The magical pairing of Lemmon and Day is augmented by the beautiful location photography in Maine and a stellar supporting cast including Mary Wickes and Russ Brown.

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Ahh....the magnificent Ms Day. Some of these movies are an absolute classics. There is no one like Doris Day. For anyone who has a shred of class.
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