Doritos - Tangy Cheese - 150g - 88p - Amazon Prime Now

Doritos - Tangy Cheese - 150g - 88p - Amazon Prime Now

Found 1st Jul 2017
Pretty good price for a big bag of these, although you'll have to order as part of a larger order to get delivery from Amazon Prime Now.

Tangy Cheese Flavour Corn Chips

Bring the party to the party!
Doritos are made the authentic Mexican way with the best corn to give you the ultimate taste, crunch and flavour experience. Combine with our dips to unleash the full flavour fiesta. Get your friends together and enjoy the party!

Cooked with Sunseed Oil, naturally lower in saturates**
**Over 75% lower in saturates than traditional cooking oils.

Pack Size: 150g
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minimum £20 spend, no thanks
Order 20
kay19921 m ago

Order 20

​No thats only £17.60
The 180g packs are 2 for £2 in Tesco, so 360g for £2 instead of 300g for £1.76...and you don't have to buy 20+ packs. Good if you just wanted to tip over the £20 min limit though. Don't forget the free Capri Sun pack though if ordering.
£1 for a pack of 6 x 30g in Poundland
as someone who orders from prime now min of 3 times a week thanks for yhe heads up
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