Doritos Ultimate Cheese Burger and Sizzling Salsa 200G £1.00 @ tesco

Doritos Ultimate Cheese Burger and Sizzling Salsa 200G £1.00 @ tesco

Found 1st Aug 2016
Doritos Ultimate Cheese Burger and Doritos Sizzling Salsa 200g Special purchase £1.00 @ tesco
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Same price in sainsburys
I haven't had the Sizzling Salsa, but the Ultimate Cheesebuger flavour is certainly does taste like a Burger King Cheeseburger.
Cheese burger ones are foul!!
salsa ones are delicious...captured the taste perfectly
spicy salsa ones arent spicy at all unfortunately, need the roulette ones
I picked up a packet that was covered slightly thought it was ultimate cheese then when I had them they were amazing can taste the beef then cheese followed by mustard and ketchup just like a McDonald's cheese burger lovely think the salsa will win though shame

spicy salsa ones arent spicy at all unfortunately, need the roulette ones

​Agreed, Salsa ones weren't what I was expecting.
When I saw the letters A and BT I was expecting 2 mystery flavours that we had to guess what they were.

Cheese burger ones are foul!!

Horses for courses, I really liked them!
Would also agree the cheeseburger ones really do taste like cheeseburger.
I thought the cheeseburger flavour tasted like I'd just licked the floor of a run down McDonalds: slight unsettling taste of cold, nondescript meat, a hint of 'cheese' and an impending visit to the toilet.

I'm not lovin' it.
Not a huge fan of this flavour
they are vile
£1 a bag in Asda since release too
What were they thinking?

Stick to original, cheesey and of course the best - Chilli Heatwave
Cheeseburger is definitely Burger King and not McDonalds. Just sayin'.
Ultimate Cheeseburger really really tastes like a BK burger, it's seriously impressive... but you cant eat more than a handful as the mix of flavour and texture is just wrong wrong wrong.
Ended throwing away half the bag.

If you like BK and you like Dorito's... you still wont actually like these.
So yeah, congrats Dorito's flavour technicians. You nailed it. However, you were so concerned about whether you COULD do it, you failed to ask yourselves whether you SHOULD!
If I remember they actually did a Cheeseburger one a few years ago? Have they tried to bring it back? I remember it being disgusting then. I wonder if they changed the recipe?
Agree with most here that the cheeseburger flavour are disgusting, I still ate them, but wouldn't buy again.
horrendous salsa heartburn at 2 am
Like the cheeseburger flavour!
The salsa flavour nail it. The thought of the cheeseburger ones make me nauseous however.
Seen these in Poundworld, Leeds
Same price in Morrisons too. Seems to be everywhere!

Seen these in Poundworld, Leeds

How much?
both of these are vile I'm my opinion oO
I hated the salsa ones, have yet to try the cheeseburger ones but not looking forward to them. By far the best flavour is Chilli Heatwave
They are both disgusting.
Both flavours very nice. Should both be kept permanently and crappy ones like BBQ rib dropped.
Less cheeseburger and more gherkin hell. And I love gherkins.
Went and grabbed some of these today but only tried the Cheeseburger so far.

It's not horrible but it's disappointing. There's zero cheese flavour, the pickle tastes more like lemon and it's only really the (flame grilled) burger that they've nailed.

Wouldn't buy again.
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