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Give us your feedback and receive £40 worth of Amazon vouchers @ DK Books
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Posted 16th May 2014Posted 16th May 2014
Give us your feedback and receive £40 worth of Amazon vouchers @ DK Books
**Firstly this is an "in office" feedback session, I believe their office is in London so bare that in mind before you apply! This session is for kids to give feedback on the new D… Read more

this brough hope up for me, till i read the description. good for parents, not so good for singles (unless you fake it). not sure on heat or cold



DK Disney Cars Encyclopedia (DK website) - £7.17
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Posted 5th Apr 2014Posted 5th Apr 2014
DK Disney Cars Encyclopedia (DK website) - £7.17
The Cars Character Encyclopedia is an incredible guide to more than 250 Mattel die-cast models from Cars, Cars 2 and Cars Toons. If your child loves Cars, this book will introduce … Read more

Yes try TKMaxx, I bought one just two weeks ago (my two year old loves the pictures) from the Bletchley store. Didn't think to post it as a deal (sorry).


Try tk maxx for this book. We picked it up just before Christmas for £5. I have seen it in there several times since then. Agree though fab book.


this is a great book, I bought at xmas for £12 and comes with an exclusive car which is worth as much as your paying for the book at this price. my son looks at it daily and it has all the cars upto the published date. if you have a cars fan, they will love this!

Flash sale (Ends Monday December 16th)- 60% off at DK site of selected books
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Posted 16th Dec 2013Posted 16th Dec 2013
Flash sale (Ends Monday December 16th)- 60% off at DK site of selected books
Some good (but limited) stocking filler books available with 60% off, they range from about 5-10 quid. Mainly dealing with trivia on all manner of subjects from beer to star wars. … Read more

I initially thought so too when the did the same offer a week or so ago, but then managed to get 4 that I wanted much cheaper by using discounts and deal offers at The Book People. Depends which books you are after, but might be worth checking the prices elsewhere too.


Some good deals on here it seems. ;)

DK Xmas Books Flash Sale 60% off now until 23:59 1 Dec
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Posted 29th Nov 2013Posted 29th Nov 2013
DK Xmas Books Flash Sale 60% off now until 23:59 1 Dec
Just got notice via Newsletter of DK Flash Sale of 60% off their "Christmas Shop" books, currently at 30% off. 60% off with XMAS60 "Get a very festive 60% off all books in our … Read more
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Free to download, Christmas activity sheets for kids @ DKBooks
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Posted 9th Dec 2012Posted 9th Dec 2012
Free to download, Christmas activity sheets for kids @ DKBooks
They say: Packed with Christmas activities, tasty treats and yuletide projects, every one of our ideas is easy to do and full of fun. Try your hand at a Moshi Monsters wordsearch… Read more
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Nice find.


Also they have a comp! And as an extra Christmas treat, DK is also offering you the chance to win a shopping spree at Selfridges worth £500! - here

Free Halloween activity sheets for kids @ DKBooks
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Posted 2nd Oct 2012Posted 2nd Oct 2012
Free Halloween activity sheets for kids @ DKBooks
Stumbled upon this and thought it was pretty good to keep the kids occupied over half term week. "Download our free activity sheets and turn your house into a creepy castle with f… Read more

I found this last year Pumkin making

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Free Fun Activity Pack for Kids
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Posted 24th Jul 2012Posted 24th Jul 2012
Free Fun Activity Pack for Kids
It's the Summer Holidays so make sure you grab this fun free activity pack from DK Books - it's a great way to keep your kids entertained!

when was this posted?

Join club DK and get free books
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Posted 2nd Apr 2009Posted 2nd Apr 2009
Join club DK and get free books
We love finding out what you think of our books, so each month we send free copies to a panel of DK devotees to read and then review on Plus, if we like what you write, you… Read more

not too sure hun.x each to their own opinion.x no probs hun.x thanks hun.x


I'm more than happy to review DK books for free, I have paid enough for them in the past! H&R added. :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: Thank you. x


Seriously? They get you to do all their reviewing for (essentially) free rather than pay to have it done professionally? If you want cheap books look at Bananas and Red House.


hot find does any one belong to this and know what sort of book they send out??

Deals on at DK books
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Posted 2nd Apr 2009Posted 2nd Apr 2009
Deals on at DK books
20% off all language guides 20% off all gardening books 3 for 2 on all Eyewitness Travel Guides
Free Cheese and Beer!
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Posted 15th Oct 2008Posted 15th Oct 2008
Free Cheese and Beer!
Dorling Kindersley are doing cheese and beer blogs at these sites; You simply need to sign up and receive free samples th… Read more
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Thats a shame, i had my fingers crossed for you. Wonder if anyone else got it.


No it wasn't beer :( It was a Bacardi Pitcher that I won on an instant win comp that was posted on this site.


Ooh well that might be what it is then. I've instructed them to leave them in the playhouse when they try to redeliver it today so I'll find out when I get home.


it was delivered by a company called APC Overnight. Im in scotland mind you.


was it delivered by UPS? I've missed a delivery today and can't work out what it is!

Free DK Holiday Guides
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Posted 26th May 2008Posted 26th May 2008
Free DK Holiday Guides
DK are again giving away free holiday guides - downloadable with a code. Goto - Register / login - select a country from the drop down list of c… Read more

True, however if you look at more that one guide for a country you will find a number of areas being the same depends on what the person has concentrated on for their guide. Hence the content like the maps are DK generated and have to be of a standard for DK publishing. So a large part looks like selecting paragrahps of where the person has been to as well as some up to date info. However its Free - better than paying £2.50 per guide downloaded or £10.00 for a professionally printed book copy.


Thanks for this. However, to avoid any confusion (or for people who fail to read properly - like me!) this deal should be not be confused with the download of an 'actual' DK travel guide. It is simply a download of other people personal travel guides. Anyhow, I'm sure it'll give people a good insight before their hols


Make sure you are logged in Select a country for your guide and press on the red arrow select one of the guides show - View this guide Now a page should appear with - Buy this guide click here - near the top right The nest page shows the download your guide prompt with a PDF icon above it Enter your voucher code and save to PC


i cant seem to find the 'download' button. can anyone help?


Also FREE guides to download at These are quite good and compact. Champ. Lad

Free Italy Guides (and the rest......)
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Posted 17th Apr 2008Posted 17th Apr 2008
Free Italy Guides (and the rest......)
(UPDATE - The code works for ALL their downloadable guides - that's worth £2.50 per guide without the code, or £10.00 per guide if bought as a book - worth downloading as many as p… Read more

great stuff, thanks and heat added


Keep in mind that you can also create your own guide and then download it for free with this coupon.


champlad and sach oh yeah that's what i thought, pretty good. thanks for confirming.


Kippy, It seems to be a combination of people on holiday and DK putting the guides together, the info on most seems up to date and very useful on quite a number of guides. DK will check the content and provide the help to produce along with the maps. Mind you for free, you have got nothing to loose, keep the ones which are detailed and you like, delete the ones you don't like. Store them on a disk for future reference, saves the £2.50 or £10.00 cost if you went for them after 1st May.


still useful isn't it?:w00t:

3 for 2 on 100 Dorling Kingsley Books & free uk delivery on £15 spend
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Posted 20th Oct 2007Posted 20th Oct 2007
3 for 2 on 100 Dorling Kingsley Books & free uk delivery on £15 spend
I know these can be quiet expensive books,but there are some good choices in the 3 for 2 offer. You see the discount in basket it's added straight away. What I did was find book… Read more

I agree,i have few,they last for years and the print is brill :thumbsup: Sometimes i've found a few in £1 shops....:)


Brings back lots of memories. These books are fantastic (if they have what you want). Make brilliant Xmas pressies


][image missing]][image missing]


The books are nicely set out too,so you can actually see whats inside books.... this is the book i was on about in original post.....[image missing]

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