Dorothy Perkins...40% off selected shoes and boots! Don't forget Quidco!

Dorothy Perkins...40% off selected shoes and boots! Don't forget Quidco!

Found 2nd Dec 2008Made hot 2nd Dec 2008
Dorothy Perkims have currently renewed there 20% of everything selected shoes and boot are already reduced by 20% therefore you get 40% off all together!! Can't be bad!
Check them out...theres a few bargains to be had!

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for free delivery use code DECEMBER

you need to check your maths, 20% off something that is already 20% off equates to 36% off the original price not 40%

still a good deal though

Was going to order some boot but for some reason it is taking the free delivery code and then not taking the £4 off :?

wow great! a £25 pair of shoes comes to £15.66 delivered!!

also use WELFREE for free delivery

Fantastic! Just got some gorgeous teal patent leather shows for the bargainous price of £15.66 instead of £25 and the free delivery code worked too. So I then went back and bought them in red as well!

Thanks just ordered boots and used the free delivery code.

It aint working on mine, says £25 then checkout £19.98 so only got 20% off :-(

good 1
thank u

great on sale stuff. got some boots already with 20% off, then an extra 20% at checkout.

thanks loads, saved me some cash and the horrors of lady clothes shops getting boots requested by missus! heat added.

On a 20 pound pair of shoes,cool

Subtotal: £15.66
Discounts: -£3.13
Christmas Event - 20% off everything
Total: £12.53

Cool, thanks, have ordered myself a pair of boots, nice little early christmas pressie.
Heat added.

Got myself a coat instead. Original price £70. Then £50 minus 20% (plus vat). Price I paid = £39.15.

Heat added!

With DP it doesn`t matter how cheap things get anymore I had such bad costumer service from them it put me off buying from them for life !!

Great find, many thanks, had a pair of boots for £25 instead of £40 and free postage, excellent!

How do you get the free del?
I have used the codes but it still bills you for £4 even when I select std del !
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