dot me domains half price at Namesco

dot me domains half price at Namesco

Found 15th Jan 2011
So I know that 123reg has a £1.99 offer for a dot me domain, but that is only for the first year. If you want to keep the domain then it ramps up to normal price for subsequent years.

Namesco has a 50% off offer that also covers further years so for a 4year term 123reg charges £46.96 whilst Namesco only charges £22.49, go via quidco for a £10 cash back which makes it around 3quid a year if it pays out. Not so good with hosting prices though

* 1 year for £7.49 50% off
* 2 years for £12.49 50% off
* 4 years for £22.49 50% off
* 6 years for £32.49 50% off
* 8 years for £42.49 50% off
* 10 years for £49.49 50% off


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Linky because go to deal doesn't!


And 123 won't tell you it's gone up.
They will just take £££££££'s out of your bank!
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IIRC namesco don't offer whois privacy on .me domains or its expensive. Kind of stupid as most .me websites are going to be personal, and therefore most clients would like to hide their information.
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