DOTD 26/02: Mens / ladies Everlast Hoods £4 @ Sportsdirect

DOTD 26/02: Mens / ladies Everlast Hoods £4 @ Sportsdirect

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Found 25th Feb 2010
Online from midnight and instore friday 26/02 only

> Drawcord hood
> Side pockets
> Everlast logo
> 65% Polyester 35% Cotton

Usual rules apply (£3.95 del per order if ordered online, Quidco available instore)


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guna order if in my size!

Defo's worth picking up a couple of these for games of footy / training.

Cheers OP.

******** offers.
Everytime these have popped up, I've ordered the special offer item and while I was at it, also to bump up the order to qualify for free p&p, I've ordered something else.

Items show as in stock at time of ordering, but next day, or a few hours later, you get an email saying the special offer item is out of stock (when it clearly wasn't at time of ordering, either that or the website is a pile of crap with no realtime stock updates) and the item has been cancelled and removed from your order. You don't get offered a chance to cancel any other items in your order at the time and getting in touch with them is a nightmare.

They'll happily take your money for any items you bought at full price, thank you very much, but forget about the bargain special offer that was the only reason you made a purchase in the 1st place.

This is outright scamming imho and Trading Standards need to get on their case. They're a bunch of shysters.

mmmmmm, chav-tastic!
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