DOTD: BTC Wireless Media Center USB Keyboard with Integrated Joystick Mouse - £24.68 del. !

DOTD: BTC Wireless Media Center USB Keyboard with Integrated Joystick Mouse - £24.68 del. !

Found 18th May 2007
DOTD: BTC Wireless Media Center USB Keyboard with Integrated Joystick Mouse - £24.68 or less delivered @ ebuyer !

£10 off £30 via Google checkout is available meaning you can get another £10 worth item for Free when you buy this.

Description : The most unique aspect of the BTC 9019URF wireless keyboard is the "holders" on both sides. This creative design is to help users operate this keyboard easily. This keyboard only weights 0.9Kgs, the wireless distance can reach at least 3M.

The other unusual style of this wireless keyboard is the"Dual Mode Joystick Mouse" design for gamers. When playing the racing game, or flying-shooting game, or some fictitious fighting games, the player can use only this "Dual Mode Joystick Mouse" to control the direction very smoothly. However, not only Joystick function, this keyboard can also operate as a Mouse when pressing"Fn+F11" to switch this two functions. When switching to"Mouse" mode, this joystick can also have the same functions as a normal mouse


Gutted, I got this two weeks ago for about a tenner more.

It's not a bad device, the handles are handy, although the joystick is on the right side and the mouse clicks on the left - you soon get the hang of it though.

My only gripe is that the keys are a bit 'straight on' - i.e. W S and X are in quite a vertical line rather than being offset like most keyboards. And the Shift/Enter on the right are a bit small, but maybe that's just me being used to my laptop.

We use the RF version with servers:
as it means there's less wires, and no mouse to lose.

I have one at home as well, and the mouse/joystick works great.

Good find flipd....


Good find flipd....

thanks, but edi's original find wins the day if you do as he suggests and tip the ebuyer order over £30 to benefit from the £10 Google checkout discount.

i am typing this message on this very keyboard

there is no numpad as it uses the 789uiojklm keys for that. the mouse is very good for browsing and the handles make it great for a media center in the living room, just pick it up and your away no hassle

there are left and right click a middle mouse and a scroll wheel button, it takes a bit of time to get used to as the caps key is a little close to the a key so you will get the odd miss type. got mine for 19.99 still voting hot as its a very overlooked product
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