DOTD: High School Musical: Concert Edition only £5.99 or less delivered@ HMV!

DOTD: High School Musical: Concert Edition only £5.99 or less [email protected] HMV!

Found 12th Mar 2008
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High School Musical has swept the world with its great songs, fabulous production, and positive role models. Now the TV phenomenon hits the road with High School Musical on tour! This DVD invites you behind the scenes and puts you in the middle of the action with a spectacular Extreme Access Pass. Step out of the audience and jump on stage with Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Blu, Monique Coleman, Drew Seeley and more of the cast of High School Musical as they perform their chart-topping songs on this sensational DVD.



Voting cold. Recently purchased cheaper in store in asda for £4.99. Not sure if its still on but was in the park royal london store.

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This is the cheapest online

at first glance I thought it was Dawn of the Dead: High street Musical. Now that would be good


Thanks Amibees, Hmv are really coming through with these DOTD offers! Great price for High School Musical!

My daughter has this - just be aware that Zac Efron (plays Troy in the movies) is not in this DVD, his part is taken by another guy (Drew Seeley).
Some little Troy fans may be disappointed.

Wish I had waited to get this ... paid a fortune a while ago... good deal... voted hot

This is a good price, but I must admit we were disappointed by this show - it's only about an hour long, though the boy singing the Troy part is a good singer.

If its Drew playing Troy he will be an excellent singer seen as though it was him that sang all the songs for high school musical 1 lol.

Zac did sing them in high school musical 2 though i think- after he had singing lessons.

:oops: Yes i know im sad for knowing all this information. lol

Excellent price. Well done!

Wow, so it's not Zak Efron singing in HSM 1? Is it him singing in Hairspray, because Link sounds great in that.

It's now showing up as £6.99? Still a good price!

Cheers OP.
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