[DOTD] Pretty in Pink (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ HMV !

[DOTD] Pretty in Pink (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ HMV !

Found 4th Mar 2008
One of 6 movies that Director John Hughes made in the 80s that helped to define the American teenage experience for kids around the world. Along with other 80s classics like 16 candles and Weird Science, they gave all the video shop kids the impression that everyone in America was getting drunk in huge houses at weekends and that kids automatically got a slamming car when their voice broke.

Pretty in Pink is a simple love story between a rich kid, Blaine, who rolls his jacket sleeves up and has floppy hair and a girl, Andie, from the wrong side of the tracks who makes all her own clothes (A mistake at her high school) and has Harry Dean Stanton for a dad (which is pretty cool). Throw in a goofy character in the shape of Ducky, who is secretly in love with our curiously dressed heroine (though how she didn't pick up his signals I don't know) and a cool cameo from Raw American comedian Andrew Dice Clay and you have a nostalgic video hit that'll bring back memories of being as spotty and unpopular as the two main characters.

Look out also for James Spader, at the peak of his sleazy, nastiness as Blaine disapproving rich mate. He's got a nice car and he hates poor people, the cad!


Pretty In Pink is also available in a three DVD boxset with Flashdance and Footloose for £5.83 from ] woolworths

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Thanks little ern


Thanks little ern

And National Treasure for £3-99 too.


There was a John Hughes box set posted the other day with Pretty in Pink in it. Cant remember the price but it wasnt much more than this stand alone film.
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