Double Arm Desk Monitor Mount 13-27” £22.99 delivered @ To Your Home

Double Arm Desk Monitor Mount 13-27” £22.99 delivered @ To Your Home

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Just saw the double monitor mount posted earlier on here and how much heat it got, so thought i'd post this one as i've had it saved in my favourites for a while and it's much cheaper. Hope it helps someone :-)


No more will your monitor take up precious space on your desk, introducing the Dihl Twin Arm Desk Mount!

This amazing bit of kit mounts to your desk with ease and with its +45° to -45° tilt, 180° swivel and 360° rotation you are sure to be able to find the optimum position for your monitor to make its use as comfortable as possible for you.

Please ensure that your monitor has compatible VESA mounting holes at the back prior to purchase, and that it meets the requirements below:

•Measure the distance between the two top or bottom mounting holes; this should be 75 mm or 100 mm

•Ensure that your screen does not exceed the maximum supported size

•Check that your monitor weighs less than the maximum supported weight


•The monitor mounting plates will fit most monitors from 13" to 27". Be sure to check the VESA rating on your monitor, they will need to be either 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 mm.

•+45° to -45° tilt

•180° swivel

•360° rotation

•The maximum load capacity is 8kg

•Fitting kit is included

•Instructions are included

•Maximum arm extension is 430mm

•Monitor not included

•Cable tidy clips included

•Storage slots for allen keys


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I'm really debating getting this, I have 2 x 24" monitors and 1 x 27" but desk can only fit two at most so I am debating if a stand like this will save enough desk space to fit all 3, my other problem is though only the front of the desk has a flat edge which could be clamped - unless I could fit in through the cable tidy hole in the desk, but that is directly in the corner of the room anyway, many a dilemma

They do a triple version for £28.99…tml

Think it was £39.99 at Amazon UK. Solid reviews there too.


They do a triple version for … They do a triple version for £28.99 it was £39.99 at Amazon UK. Solid reviews there too.

​Thanks for this

Also heat added OP

I'm inclined to go for the triple version, as I've got an LG ultrawide monitor that I want to add either another 25" or the 29" version too, and from reading about a similar product, they don't usually fit side-by-side. Getting the triple monitor for extra width seems to solve this on paper.

£21.99 at Amazon Dihl Double Arm

I've gor one of these - very solid strong piece of kit.

There's this one for a couple pounds more but also comes with a 5 year guarantee…236

What software are you guys using to independently run two monitors on windows ?


What software are you guys using to independently run two monitors on … What software are you guys using to independently run two monitors on windows ?

Windows will take care of it for you automatically.

You just need a graphics card with multiple outputs for monitors (e.g mine has HDMI and DisplayPort)


I have this. It is really good and I love it. BUT you probably want to have two equal monitors, otherwise one of the monitors will be higher (depending on the VESA mounts). I have two LG IPS - one 24" and one 22" - the 22" is 3 fingers higher from the 24" ;-)

i have vonhaus one...fantastic!

ok, just ordered, thanks op - just need a pc and some monitors now

Ordered Monday, here today! Very impressed with the order turnaround.

arrived today - quick delivery, and from initial inspections i've no idea how they do it for that price, i'd of thought the metal alone would of cost that

very sturdy (although no monitors to put on it yet, looking for 1 initially) from what i can see from putting it together - good find OP

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Bought a couple of cheap'ish monitors from Argos - Acer K242HL to connect to an old HP Microserver with a HD 5450 card in it

Have mounted one monitor, just trying to get Win7 installed on Microserver (struggling with video card driver, think issue with SP level) anyway, monitor fits really nice on it (will setup 2nd monitor once Video drivers working properly), simple to install and very stable - definitely recommended product.

Brilliant thanks, just what I'm looking for!

Do you know what's the difference between this one and VonHaus one?
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