Double Bubble Exhaust (was £12) Now £5 @ Halfords

Double Bubble Exhaust (was £12) Now £5 @ Halfords

Found 20th Apr
Bought one when they were on offer before & the kids love it! They rode their bikes for the first time last night in what seems like years now we have some sunshine & the first thing they wanted was batteries put back into this.

The Double bubble exhaust sits just above the back wheel and fits onto the seat post. Switch on the battery powered exhaust and release a stream of bubbles as you cycle! The position of the exhaust means that it won't interfere with the child pedalling or the bike stand. The ultimate Bubble exhaust includes a universal adapter, so that it can fit to various bike sizes. Includes a 125ml Double Bubble Pot.



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Got these for our kids and they love them. Really helped one of them practice and enjoy being out on his bike. It simply distracted him from being scared.
Will this work on my Boardman?
Not available to collect near me
not near me either which is just as well because I've spent a fortune on the kids in the past month
Looks good but nearest stock is 118 miles away.
only stock in Scotland is aberdeen
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