Double buggy for £135 @ Boots , possibly £120, reduced from £300

Double buggy for £135 @ Boots , possibly £120, reduced from £300

Found 11th Feb 2013
Was looking for a double buggy and saw these on Boots for £300.

They are now half price at £150, but using code VCUKT160 you get 10% off, and if you are signed up for the baby stuff on your award card, you get £15 worth of advantage points.

You can also get the Bro and Sis version too.

Here is all the blurb on the pushchair -

Cosatto You2 Twin Pushchair Owl & Pussycat
The Cosatto You 2 twin pushchair comes with a luxurious range of twin accessories, including cosy toes, head supports, chest pads, rain cover, a storage basket and a insulated bottle holders. The unique and trendy slogans on the cosy toe will make you stand out from the crowd. The product weight is only 13kilograms, which is fairly lightweight considering the pushchair is a double.

The width of the stroller is also ideal for when you are out and about in town trying to get through narrow gaps in shops as we can ensure you will fit through these gaps with ease!
Cheekier than the average pushchair, The You2 twin pushchair from Cosatto is a double dollop of fun. With this perky yet practical mover, you will be following two cheerful chaps, not the crowd.
Three recline positions that work independently in each seat
Near lie flat positions
Handle height 106cm
5-Point Safety Harness (in both seats)
Ease of Use
Lockable front swivel wheels
Individual front wheel suspension
Foot operated parking brakes
Ergonamic soft foam handles
Third handle for ease of use
Washable Seat Pad - The pushchair fabrics are sponge cleanable and cosy toes and accessories are machine washable on a cool wash.
Easy umbrella fold with auto locks
Adjustable Hood
Accessories Included
Footmuff - with zip-off fleece liner
Head huggers, chest pads and bottle carriers are included
Mesh Shopping Basket
The Cosatto You2 Twin Pushchair (Owl & Pussycat), while not available in Boots shops, is available on and can be ordered online, in-store or by phone.
Cosatto You2 Twin Pushchair Owl & Pussycat
Warranty / Guarantee: FREE 4 year guarantee* (UK & Ireland only) *When registered within 28 days of purchase.
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Ah, IVF babies everywhere!
Great if you're not planning on ever going through any doors.
No ivf just two in 18 months!
A very good deal. Heat added. Still can't beat my Baby Jogger City Micro double but that's discontinued I think.8)
Not as good as the Tesco price of £61.48 posted recently, but still a good deal.

Great if you're not planning on ever going through any doors.

I think the kids prefer them to the double decker type but they are a nightmare in shops and any tight doors.

Great if you're not planning on ever going through any doors.

Correct. There are double buggies that are narrower than this, which is basically two single buggies nailed together. Look for a properly designed buggy with four wheel sets rather than six, they are much easier to fold and steer too.
Twins but no IVF! Heat added and order placed. Thanks been looking to buy this pushchair. Great price, very happy.
What has it got to do with ivf? Grow up silly boy, people.can have more than one child!
Goodprice, cheap pushchair anyway, not bad for throwing in the car though
I had this buggy and I do not have twins! My 2 year old went in with my newborn in the other side. It Lays flat and is very suitable for newborn as well as toddler. And as for doorways the whole time I used this buggy I only ever had a problem with one doorway which was a lift which was actually not supposed to be used by the public. It fits easily on buses too! Very lightweight easy to fold brilliant buggy I would buy the same again if I ever needed a double in the future. This is a great deal!
Here is another Cosatto twin buggy, Argos, £109…htm
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