Double Cross DVD Only £1.96 Delivered! **Low Stock**

Double Cross DVD Only £1.96 Delivered! **Low Stock**

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Found 25th Jun 2008
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Description for Double Cross (DVD)

Johnny and Andy are best friends. Both he and she are desperately fighting against poverty and crime in a world that denies them their dream. They dream of being artists. The only outlet they have is spray-art. At night they secretly transform their cold surroundings into a riot of colour and imagination.

Johnny finds a voluptuous young woman and falls in love. Soon he finds himself enslaved by drugs, sex and violence. He is at Hell's gate, immersed in hopelessness and near death. An evil crime-boss demands that Johnny does as he commands. When Andy's life is threatened, Johnny comes alive, fighting to regain his pride, his dreams, his friend. Caught between the worlds of truth and deception, where few survive, Johnny is set up in a Double Cross.

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