Double Discount at Co-Op for those with discount card

Double Discount at Co-Op for those with discount card

Found 2nd Dec 2010
I've put this in the deal as i thought its most appropriate.
If you work for the Co-Op, or know anyone then from the 2nd (today) to the 4th it is double discount on everything, including alcohol and possibly cigarettes, not too sure. It doesn't work on scratch cards or lottery. All it is is a members card that you swipe and can be used by friends or family so get using! Some best deals i've found are:

Nescafe Coffee- 300gram i think- on offer for £4, with discount £3.20
Disarano- i think its £10.49 on offer- around £8 with discount
Coca Cola 6 packs- Buy one get one free- £3.29 with discount about £2.50

Don't criticise my maths, its approximate. It can also be used in Somerfield as the Co Op has bought it i believe.

Great time to stock up and new promotions go on offer today!
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Yeah 20% off everything except lottery and scratch cards, if you can get a lend of a staff discount card that is. Loads of stuff on offer at the moment like shloer and pringles (BOGOF), advent calendars, tins of quality streets, roses etc.
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half price wines are also good makes them £3.19 a bottle! and the big rolls of christmas wrapping paper (15 metres i think) is 80p and also after eights are BOGOF at £3 making them £1.20 per pack with discount!!!
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selection boxes are 3 for £5 making them 3 for £4
Dates for next double discount are 19th - 22nd December
It doesn't apply to cigarettes, tobacco products, lottery and scratchcards, and Payzone/Paypoint. And fuel. I think they are the only exceptions.

Look out for the Vinnie bisquits tins, work out to £2.60 I think.

And also it can be used in Somerfield, I think all stores are accepting now.
Is this a Co-op Main Group thing? I work for a Southern Co-op and we've not heard anything.
yes its for every co op employee in any sector
Ooh, thats my friend was saying, she works for CIS and offered her staff card...gr8!
Anyone know when next 20% is between xmas and new year

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