Double Freebies at - Iconic Cave & Kai's Dojo Pod

Double Freebies at - Iconic Cave & Kai's Dojo Pod

Found 16th Aug 2017Edited by:"miyagawa"
So, the Iconic Cave/Caveman minifigs freebie has already been covered elsewhere. But as a tie-in to the new movie, Lego has added a second freebie... and you can get both with the same order.

While the Iconic Cave set requires a £25 spend, Kai's Dojo Pod requires ANY Ninjago purchase. Any value of purchase, and appears to include the keychains and the Ninjago minifigure packs. So it could be worth a quick low cost Ninjago top up to a planned order and you'll be able to double up on the freebies. Or you could just blow it all on that crazy Ninjago modular set. Which is just brilliantly nuts.

Of course, if you were to spend £50, then you'd also get free postage as well. But that's nothing new.
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