Double memory foam mattress at worldstores £28.78 delivered (see code in description)

Double memory foam mattress at worldstores £28.78 delivered (see code in description)

Found 23rd Apr 2014
Double memory foam mattress £9.99 plus delivery (£19.99) looks like a good price, but website is slow

Use code MSDISCO to get it for £28.78 delivered!
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Price is £199.99?

Price is £199.99?

Select double from drop down list
price is actually 119.99
That's the single size.

Choose 'Double' as the size.

Select double from drop down list

Well I'm in. Fingers crossed for my Friday delivery
thanks! heat added...
ah yes I see it. Man the website is slow
Worth a punt!
Just bought..Yes! New mattress on friiiday new mattress on friiiday! HEAT!!!
Ordered!, dont really need one though...
slowest website in the world!
What is the website?? Or do you have to log in thought hotuk x
Thanks, hope these get sent out, had been waiting on the 3 zone Silentnight ones to go down a bit more.
website is down for me
Amazing price. Likely to be honoured? Probably not.
Really really struggling to sleep on a night so hoping the mattress is the reason why.
Website down it seems, tried on different browsers.
I wish I had one to sleep on whilst the website loads...

Hot! I ordered two. Checkout with PayPal with Pay after delivery just in case
cant get through, did anyone see how much the kingsize ones were please
It's £119.99!!!!
Memory Master 1000 Memory Foam Mattress

is also available for £3.99 each
Won't be in on Friday, so ordered it to my parents house, now I've realised that Mattress > Car
Ahh well, chances are it won't turn up either way.

These foam ones are nice and bendy anyway
Finally got through, lots of heat, hope it's honoured.
Just ordered, but seriously doubt they'll honour it Shame really, I really need a new mattress!
Website keeps crashing....I suppose they found out it's a mistake. :-)
Heat added though as great find.
Order placed, got a feeling these will be cancelled. We'll see!
thats mine ordered but i never have any luck
website is down for me
Just ordered mine. Change the option from single to double then the price changes to £9.99. Will no doubt have order cancelled but paid with paypal so worth a chance.
Just ordered in time, website seems to be down lol let's see if it's honoured, doubt it.
Unable to load page,anyone having any luck?
Mine on it's way Friday... why do I get the feeling i'll have a long wait....
Add MSDISCO for new customers mystery discount
Lol they have all gone to £10.
Don't know what happened there ipad was playing tricks on me, ignore the all gone to £10 comment lol
Edited by: "mad569797" 23rd Apr 2014
They have loads on their main website some little as 9.99
In b4 small claims court
Ordered 1000 to see how many I can sleep on without feeling a pea underneath
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