Double or triple Shell points when you buy petrol (until 5th March)
Double or triple Shell points when you buy petrol (until 5th March)

Double or triple Shell points when you buy petrol (until 5th March)

What with petrol prices going through the roof at the moment, every little helps! Just been to fill up the car and there was a poster at the pump telling me about this - was the first I'd heard about it, so I thought I would share with all.

Double up when you fill up

Swipe your Shell Drivers Club card when you fill up with Shell fuel between now and 5th March 2008 and earn double points, or triple points if you are a Shell V-Power Club member. Register now and you could also win 20,000 Airmiles or £500 worth of Shell Fuel Vouchers. You will be automatically entered into our Prize Draw every time you visit a Shell Service Station and swipe your card.

Useful for people who insist on premium petrol, but obviously if you're after economy stuff then supermarkets offer cheaper petrol.

Hope this helps. Jeff.


Good find mate...

I rate this card and i've had this since it came out(and shell pluspoints before) I would advise you to check your statement each month as there have been software issues paying out the rebate each month(according to the call centre) you are due, i'm due a rebate for the last four months which is supposed to go through this month after raising it as an issue.
Most of the shell petrol stations I use aren't any more expensive than supermarket fuel either. (Leeds)

i find shell petrol tends to be cheaper in my area than any supermarkets, and their Vpower is 99 RON and not 97 RON like most super unleadeds - I also think their point scheme is on par with the supermarket ones too. voted hot as i fill £100 a week from them on average, and triple points means more airmiles:)

Voted hot. Good find, made even better by the fact that I have to do absolutely nothing to reap the benefits. After the Tesco fuel fiasco last year, I would rather have Shell points than Clubcard points for my petrol. (Helped by the fact that my local garage is Shell and I pass 4 more on my journey to work!)

Cheers mate...I too had not heard of this.

cheers. mite register.
Btw shell is as cheap as any supermarkets around here...

Egg are also running a 2% cash back on there card at present at shell


cheers. mite register.Btw shell is as cheap as any supermarkets around … cheers. mite register.Btw shell is as cheap as any supermarkets around here...

You're right you know. I often find the likes of BP and Total are more expensive than Shell and about on par with supermarkets. Tesco is the same as my local Shell, but is a lot further away. Plus I think we mostly all trust Shell over Tesco :whistling:

If you are planning on buying petrol from shell only then you should get the Shell MasterCard from Citi group.
You get a 3% rebate on Shell fuel purchases and 1% on all other purchases - see T&Cs.


Although shell fuel is better quality , it tends to burn up quicker so economically its not the best.

My Shell station is the same price as the supermarkets and I get more miles/gallon as a bonus


I ordered one of these cards at christmas, So far I am waiting for my 3rd pin as the first one came blank and the second was just unreadable.

The online system is completely pointless, you cannot pay your bill on it, and anything you seem to have to do with your account you have to spend ages on the phone to hungary. I have had to activate three seperate sections of the one card just so i can access online, shop in stores, I have just been instructed I have to phone again to activate my card so I can shop online

I strongly urge people do not waste their time with this card, its not worth the extra £1 on your petrol
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