Double Phalaenopsis Orchid-half price £13.50*+free delivery

Double Phalaenopsis Orchid-half price £13.50*+free delivery

Posted 20th Dec 2006
*Offer ends 10am 21st December 2006
These plants are available for delivery from 24th October to 23rd December.
A delicate yet stunning double stem phalaenopsis orchid in a glass container with pretty fabric finish.
Glass container with fabric finish containing 1 x Two Stem Phalaenopsis Orchid
This plant is courier delivered in a stylish box, see inside for individual plant care instructions. Send your own special message in the free gift card.
These plants come ready planted for your convenience.
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Awww there beautiful
Dont forget quidco also people!
Thanks for the reminder Joshanna. :thumbsup: I went to quidco to see what the cashback was and as usual got sidetracked and started searching for something else.:roll:

It's 3% quidco cashback for flowers from Tesco.
I think all i post about lately is saying "dont forget quidco" may make it my resident saying :giggle:
3% isnt much, but every penny helps and all that
The reminder is certainly needed for me as you can see.

I have forgotten twice to use quidco when ordering and the air went blue. :x
:giggle: i used to forget about it all the time, now i never do thank god
Quidco rocks, dont bother with the others
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